Car wash businesses are establishments who offer car washing services. It will turn your dirty car to look like a new one after a thorough cleaning. Car washing involves using gallons of water. The extreme usage of water can take place in washing cars however, it depends on the size of the car and how much dirt that needs to be cleaned. As a matter of fact, car wash consumes over 2 million gallons per year, come to think of it, it is too much water usage for a car wash business. It would not be much of a problem to consume too much water if there’s an abundant water supply in your area but unluckily there are areas all over the globe struggling in water crisis—countries such as Australia. 

Australia is one of those places who are facing the problem of water shortage, that’s why rainwater harvesting is a leverage there. Whether you have enough water supply in your area or not, it doesn’t change the fact that water shortage is common nowadays due to climate change.

Rainwater Harvesting in Car Wash Business

Rainwater harvesting is proven to be an effective method in regulating water supply in any locations which can also be applied to car wash businesses. Rainwater harvesting can help car wash businesses in many ways. 

This method is simply a practice of collecting rainwater from a catchment area like roofs, then it will keep it in a water reservoir until the time of its usage. Using rain for your car wash business can lessen your water bills because, as we all know, rain is not owned by anyone, everyone can use it the way they want to use it and for whatever reason they want to use it. 

How rainwater harvesting save you from your water bills?

You can both use stored rainwater and your local main water supply by installing a main water switch device that enables you to choose whether you will be using your stored rainwater or your local main supply. Unless your water tank is not empty then it can serve as an option for washing car, this means you can regulate water usage with your main local water supply. If you lessen the use of the water in your main local water supply—because you have a water tank to provide you water—then you can expect an abrupt drop in your water bill expenses. 

On the other hand, If you want to be completely free from water bills expenses, you can solely depend in rainwater harvesting all the while keeping in mind the considerations that are needed—like the calculation of the expected water consumption in washing a car, plus the amount of water you can collect from your catchment area—afterwards you would be able to purchase the right size of your water tank.

There are different sizes of water tank out in the market that you can choose from. Making rainwater as your only water source means, you need multiple large water tanks to make sure you have enough water to sustain your car wash business. The positive outlook in this option is that there will be no water bill expense every month, for that reason you can offer cheaper price for your car wash service which can attract more customers because it is also a marketing strategy. Customers tend to choose services that cost cheaper than expensive ones. 

How to make rainwater harvesting an effective method?

Collecting rain is a simple task, but actually, to make this method effective there are a lot to be considered, such as catchment area, pipes, water storage, pumps etc. Among these components of rainwater harvesting, you should take note of choosing the suited water storage because this will serve as the container of your water to be used for washing cars. Commonly used water storage in rainwater harvesting are water tanks. You can expect that water tanks to have the required qualities for rainwater harvesting because it is made to maintain collected rainwater until the time for the water inside is to be used. 

How important filtration system in water tank installation?

In addition, filtration system is a must upon installing rainwater tank to ensure that the collected water is free from contamination and expected to be fresh and clean as soon as the time of its usage for washing cars. The filtration system is divided into two such as pre-tank filtration and post-tank filtration.

Pre-tank filtration happens before the collected rainwater from your catchment area is stored to your tank while post-filtration happens when the stored water leaves the water tank. These two process is combined together in your rainwater harvesting system to thoroughly filter any subjected contaminants to make sure that there are no sediments found in your collected rainwater. 

Rainwater harvesting is a common method for saving water. Businesses like car washing tends to consume large amount of water therefore, opting for rainwater harvesting to this kind of business is a good help for them, which are explained above. Raw rain is a big no-no if you use it in washing your cars because it will have particles that can damage your car, however if you install water tank with a filtration system then you can be relieved because you will surely have a good quality water to be used in your business.

If you are interested in rainwater harvesting then let us help you choose the right one for your business, contact us, we’ll be glad to help you with your rainwater tanks.