Please read the information below as you may need to notify Rainwater Tanks Direct before delivery about any delivery instructions/problems.

Most rainwater tanks are delivered to the site on the back of a truck-trailer combo. These trucks are 19 metres in length, 2.5 metres wide and can weigh up to 10 tonnes. You must take this in to account for your tank delivery as there needs to be suitable access for the truck into your property.

If your access into your property is by dirt road, will access be affected if it has been raining prior to delivery? In most cases the truck can be reversed down the driveway if that distance is not too long. If the tank is to be taken down a long access road or driveway there will need to be a suitable turning area taking into account the truck’s length and width.

You will also need to take into account that the truck with thetank on the back can be up to 5 metres high depending on the size of the tank being delivered to your site and the size of any other tank/s on the truck for the next delivery. Check the roads coming into your property for power lines and tree branches that may impede access (5 metres height clearance needed for the truck and tanks). Are there any sewers or underground septic tanks under the access road or turning area that the truck may damage? Remember the truck can weigh up to 10 tonnes.

Once the truck arrives on site the driver will need offload your tank/s. You will need help getting the tank/s to the installation location.

Depending on the size of the tank you have ordered, you (depending on age and fitness) will need other people to help you handle the tank safely and move it to the location required. Below is a guide to the number of people needed to handle the different size tanks.

Slimline tanks up to 2,000 Litres =you and1 extra person

Round tanks up to 4,500 Litres = you and1 extra person

Round tanks 10,000Litres>14,500Litre = 3 people or more

Round tanks 24,500Litres = 4 people or more

Round tanks 28,100Litres >37,200Litres = 4 people + driver

This is only a guide and more people may be needed depending on the delivery site. Please call Rainwater Tanks Direct on 1300 88 94 90 or email us at and we will answer any questions you may have.