steel tank on rooftop

Purchasing a storage tank for your personal requirements has several factors to be considered. Size, cost and location are essential aspects to consider for most water tank owners. Apart from this, the material used for the tank must also be taken into account.

Water tanks are designed in various types of materials at present, including steel, concrete and polyethylene. Each one of them has its own benefits, but in this post, we take a look at the top 6 advantages of steel water tanks.

1. Long-lasting

Compared to concrete and plastic, steel water tanks offer lots of durabilities. Steel tanks are resistant to natural elements like heat and wind. If the tank is made of galvanized steel, it is resistant to corrosion and rust too. Steel is considered a reliable metal that stays ductile irrespective of temperature. Apart from this, steel is resistant to fire and is also unaffected by UV rays. A steel tank can last you more than 30 years, provided you maintain it properly.

2. Resilient

It is possible for concrete water tanks to break or crack over time. However, steel tanks will not crack, resulting in few to virtually no leaks. As a result, there is little chance for bacteria to form within cracks, and you won’t be losing water slowly as well. All these will help keep the water free from any type of contamination. Besides this, galvanized steel tanks do not entail much maintenance and repair costs are also minimal.

3. Customisable

A steel water tank is made specifically according to your requirements. Other materials like concrete and plastic are generally mass-produced, which means very little room for customisation is given. On the other hand, steel tanks can be fabricated to satisfy any diameter or height with various roof styles. Painting steel tanks is also possible to allow you to personalise the appearance of your tank.

4. Affordable

As mentioned earlier, steel tanks are going to serve you for a long time and they don’t need much maintenance either. Other materials tend to deteriorate over time, and you might be forced to spend a considerable amount of money on repairs. At times, you might need to replace the body of the tank itself too. On the other hand, steel is quite affordable compared to other materials available.

5. Environment-friendly

Steel happens to be recyclable, and the majority of the steel needed for constructing steel tanks comes from recycled steel. This makes steel tanks eco-friendly, and you have total peace of mind knowing you’re using a sustainable product that does not pollute the environment whatsoever.

6. Hygienic

Steel is not going to leak or crack, and thus there is no need to worry about water contamination. Compared to other materials, no foreign material could breach or seep into the water within the tank. Because of this, many food-processing companies, institutions and hospitals use steel water tanks for storing water at present.


Although you will come across different types of materials, a steel water tank is your best choice. Go online and read relevant articles and watch videos to learn more about the benefits of steel water tanks.