Why And How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

An ideal bathroom isn’t just about how wonderful it looks, it is mainly about how clean and safe it is. The aesthetics won’t matter when you’ve got yourself a filthy bathroom—Who would want to use a grimy haven of privacy? Unless if you’re an ogre who lives in a swamp, then it wouldn’t mind you at all but it’ll be an inconvenience to let your guests use such a nasty and unpleasant bathroom, and worse, hear awful things about it. To avoid such an embarrassing event from happening, then deep cleaning your bathroom is a must.

A dirty bathroom should be taken seriously because of the harmful effect it brings to an individual–this includes infection, strep throat, gastrointestinal viruses, and molds.

A bacteria called staphylococcus–that is commonly found in door handles, showers, toilet, and sink–can cause infections especially when it finds its way to an open wound. On the other hand, strep throat is an inflammation and pain on your throat caused by a bacteria named streptococci which can lead to a flesh-eating bacterial disease due to the release of toxins and enzymes by the bacteria. Moreover, there are also viruses that can cause stomach illness like gastrointestinal viruses which are usually found in toilets and sinks. Lastly–the mold. It is considered the most dangerous compared to the diseases mentioned above because of its spores. Mold, when inhaled, can cause vascular and respiratory complications. Aside from that, it can damage the immune system. Bacteria are everywhere, some are harmless but others can put you in danger and they’re just lurking in your humble abode. That’s why cleaning your house is critical–most especially the bathroom–besides some bacteria can be eliminated through heavy cleaning.

You can get rid of the bacteria found in your bathroom by thoroughly cleaning it on a regular basis. In cleaning your bathroom, it is highly recommended if you’d squeeze it in on your weekly routine in order for you to maintain a hygienic lifestyle. To ensure that your bathroom is thoroughly cleaned, a vast amount of water will be needed. You can use your main water for cleaning but it would be costly because you will consume lots of water. For you to save on your water bills, then you need an alternative, like rainwater. If the chances of rain in your area are high, then it is an opportunity for you. All you need to do is set up your roof with gutters and pipes and connect it to a small tank or large tank. The rainwater stored in your water tank can be used in cleaning your bathroom.

For guidance, there are areas and ways you should keep in mind to make sure that your bathroom is safe and clean. Firstly, remove that unwanted stuff in your bathroom, like empty bottles, dirty towels and rugs, garbage and many more to mention. Thoroughly sweep the dust on the floor particularly on the edges and narrow spaces like at the back of the toilet and underneath your cabinet. Wash all parts of your bathroom with water to make sure that there aren’t any dirt residues left. Later on, mix a cleaning solution–that kills bacteria–with water and use it in wiping all the areas in your bathroom like the edges and places you don’t see and all the fixtures in your bathroom. Afterward, spray your bathroom with disinfectant as soon as the bathroom is all dry.

Bathroom cleaning is tiring and tedious chore yet it feels remunerating when your restroom is elegant and tidy. All in all, the key to being hygienic is maintaining a spotless and sanitary bathroom.