Way back old generation, water is not a problem for anyone. You can get water from rivers or streams. There is no problem in accessing fresh and clean water before, but now everyone is alarmed by the water crisis due to the climate change and almost all the water resources are getting dirtier that’s why there is less water supply for the people around the world. There are also countries that are reported to be alarmed with drought in and makes it even harder to have a water source to provide for their residents. Even how alarming water scarcity all around the globe, there is still a way that you could do in order to conserve water. Listed below the different ways to conserve water in your home:

Rainwater tank

Most common method performed by almost all household is to collect rainwater from their roofs and store it in a rainwater tank for later use. This method is called rainwater harvesting, this method is accompanied with water tank that serve as a water reservoirs of the collected rainwater. Rain is a good water source since it is for free. Rainwater can be used for non-potable purposes or for potable purposes. Make sure that there is a water filtration system upon setting up for rainwater harvesting to make sure that the water you are about to use for any water activities in your home is safe and clean, free from contamination.


Do you use shower when you take a bath? Just letting the water flow in your body and not turning it off? You should change that since it will consume lots of water. You can have a pail instead in your bathroom and fill it in with enough water that you can use in taking bath , it is better if you use one pail of water every time you take a bath. And also, stand in a basin so the excess water will not be wasted , you can still use it for other purposes. 

Brushing your teeth

Usually, when we brush our teeth, we let the water in our faucet flows continuously until we are done brushing our teeth. Instead of doing it, you can get a mug or a drinking glass and put right amount of water in there then you can use it for brushing your teeth, you can refill it if you need more water. Water is save in this way because  

Washing hands

To save water, you can turn off the faucet once your hands are wet and turn it back on when you need to remove the soap in your hands by rinsing it. In this way, no water will be wasted since you will only turn it on when you need it. 

Washing dishes

As you wash your dishes, you need lots of water to make it very clean and make all those utensils to be used again. The process includes soaping and rinsing. Upon washing dishes, instead of making the water in your faucet to flow constantly which leads in consuming more water, get a small basin and put enough water inside it, then you can use it for rinsing your kitchen utensils.


Laundry need loads of water especially when you also have loads of clothes to be washed, in this case use only the water in your basin and make sure to turn off the faucet when water is not needed. Don’t overflow water in your basin, just use enough water to wash your clothes , and you can use the excess water in watering your plants.

Watering lawn or garden

Instead of using your tap water in watering your lawn and garden, use those excess water you get from your laundry, or any other excess water that can still be used. This is called reusing water that is been used already yet, it is still not that dirty to the max. And also, watering your plant early morning is more convenient since the temperature is cool ,then this means there would be less evaporation that would take place.

Flushing toilets 

Flushing toilets can be water consuming yet, there is a way for you so that you can save water ,at the same time you can flush your toilet, you can use excess water from your laundry or just fill in a pail with enough water for flushing the toilet.

As water crisis have not yet been solved, but there are always a way to counter this problem. Mentioned above are some of many ways you can do at home to help your community with this issue about the water scarcity. You can search for more ways that you could do in your home through the internet or you can make your own ways . Saving water helps the environment , at the same time it helps you to cut down your water bill every month since you are not using too much water. Always remember , if you want to have a water to use everyday then be responsible of your own water consumption.