Whenever we think of having our dream house, there are a lot of things to be considered and needs to be prioritized like the bathroom. As we all know, a bathroom is an important part of the house because it is where sanitation takes place. One factor in keeping us clean happens in our bathrooms like taking a bath, brushing teeth, urinating, waste disposal and many more. A well cleaned and maintained bathroom means a healthy living because you will be able to keep your self clean too. One part of the daily routine of a person is taking bath especially for students who go to school and workers that need to go to work. Taking a bath makes us feel good at the same time you are cleansed.All those dirty things stick on your skin and that not so good smell you have will all be gone making you feel look so fresh. 

Upon renovating or constructing your bathroom have you thought about applying rainwater harvesting system in your shower heads? Well, it is not really necessary but if the water is limited in your area due to the water crisis then it is convenient for you since it can help you save water, and at the same time, it will lessen your water bills every month. To achieve this there are things you need to know first.

Is rainwater good for your body?

The water you get from our mains are from water bodies likes rivers and stream therefore it will flow from one rock to another that leads the water to get other minerals which it will dissolve which makes it a hard water unlike rainwater that is pure and natural so there are fewer minerals dissolves in it since it comes from above and falls directly to the ground which makes it a soft water. 

Hair is what we called the crowning glory that gives us the confidence and the appeal we wanted for ourselves especially if it is well taken care of. We want to make our hair soft and silky, to achieve this, using soft water like rainwater is better than using hard water aside from that it also works with your own skin. 

As you take a bath with rainwater, the soap you will use tend to be foamier than using your tap water which means you can minimize the usage of your soap so your soap would still last even longer than you expected.

Installing rainwater harvesting system

To achieve effective rainwater harvesting system there are things you need to prepare. First, prepare your roof surface by making sure it is debris free since this will serve as your catchment area wherein initial harvesting starts, afterward every rain that drops from your roof will flow to your gutters and then to your pipes down to water reservoirs. Water reservoirs can be any container you have in your home that can hold the rainwater but if you want a better option, you can purchase rainwater tank. A rainwater tank is made with durability that can last long so you can use it for long term purposes. It also comes with different sizes from space-saving water tanks like small tanks or slimline waters, and also you can choose large water tanks if you want to store plenty of water but make sure you have enough space in your lot since it will consume space. It is important to choose the right water tank for you so there will be no complications in the system. You also need to have pumps if the collecting system is not driven from gravity. 

Plumbing of your shower heads

In order to have water as you turn on your shower heads, you need to have a proper connection from your water to your shower heads. To avoid leaking and complications in distributing water from your water tank it must be plumb properly. Having leaks in any components of the system means the collection will go to waste instead of being used.

Savings you get from rainwater harvesting

Once you are done setting up rainwater harvesting in your home, then you will surely have a water source that you can use for the long the run and thinking rain is not own by anyone so it is for free then, therefore, you can minimize the use of your mains then you can expect that there will be a sudden decrease in your water bills at the same time you are conserving water and helps the environment.

The bathroom is an important part of the house because this is where sanitation takes place, and as we all know taking a bath is necessary for all of us to have proper hygiene but a lot of water is consumed. Not all have the privilege to have access to a water source due to water shortage for this reason rainwater harvesting becomes popular and almost everyone sets it up on their houses. This gives a lot of benefits from the consumer to the environment. Mentioned above the things you should know upon having water saving shower on your bathroom to guide you.