Swimming pool add aesthetic value to your property at the same time you can have a place wherein you can have your own vacation without having efforts of going out somewhere far. Swimming pools can also be a place for bonding time either with your family or with your friends or held activities like occasional parties and also swimming is good for stress relieving and for your fitness. What mentioned above are just some of the reasons why to have swimming pool in your house but on the contrary, building a pool can cost you a lot of money from planning to construction aside from that, it is a common fact that water is needed to complete your swimming pool. The bigger the size of your pool the larger the amount of water is needed to fill it in. Water for your pool is not a problem if you have stable access of water in your house but if you are struggling for water then it is time to look for alternative water source like making use of the rain from your roof. Collecting and storing rain is called rainwater harvesting. 

How swimming pools loses water?

Swimming pool is usually outside of your house like at the back or in front of your house. With the scorching heat of the sun especially during summer, evaporation takes place that causes water loss of your swimming pool.  Aside from that, other reason why pools loses water is when people splashes water out the swimming pool while swimming, some water goes to the ground beside the pool. In addition, back washing of water or the reversing the flow of water to flush out contaminants to help clean the swimming pool filter is also a cause of losing water to your swimming pool.

Rainwater for your swimming pool

A matter of fact, swimming pools consumes a lot of water for filling it in especially if the pool is bigger in size. There are some areas wherein main water supply is not allowed to be used to fill in a swimming pool due to water shortage that’s why it is advisable to buy water to areas wherein water shortage is not a problem. However, there’s another way to solve this conflict by the method of rainwater harvesting in which you just have to collect and store rain from your roof then through pipes you can it to fill in your swimming pool. 

Since large amount of water is needed then a large tank is the best option for you but there is still a need to compute the expected amount of rainwater that you can collect by measuring the area of your roof and the annual rainfall in your area. Large tank have large water capacity up to 50000 liters which means it will take up lots of space so make sure that you have extra space in your property.

Water quality

We all know that during swimming there’s a tendency that the water will be taken internally therefore, it is a must to make sure that the collected rainwater for your swimming pool is safe. To achieve this, there are lot to consider in setting up your rainwater harvesting. 

  1. Make sure that your roof is safe from hazardous elements that can cause contamination. 
  2. Leaf Screen for your gutters is also advisable in order to avoid contamination that will mixed in to the rainwater that will flow in to the pipes. 
  3. First flush is also needed in setting up your rainwater harvesting since this device will flush out the initial collected rainwater that is potential to be contaminated
  4. Filtration is the must have upon setting up your water tank since its function is to filtrate the rainwater to make sure that it is not contaminated.
  5. It is also helpful to disinfect the rainwater by chlorinization, ozonization, UV light, and membrane filtration. 
  6. Maintenance is also a must in order to find out whether the components are still in good shape. Daily check your water tank so you would know if there are damages so that you can take action from it to avoid serious problem out of it. 

Conserving Water

Using rainwater for your swimming pool can save a lot of water since rain is for free and from the thought that you are not using your main water supply anymore then you will have water supply for other water activities in your house. You are also helping to lessen the conflict brought by water shortage all throughout the world since it lessens the consumption of main water supply.

Having a swimming pool improves your property at the same time it gives a lot of beneficiary to you however, you need to consider the water that is needed to fill in your swimming pool. Since water shortage is common now a days, it is best to use other water source like rainwater. To make sure that rainwater is safe to use for your swimming pool you have to consider a lot of things like water filtration system.