There are many underground rainwater tanks available in Australia providing a great choice for the person who doesn’t want the visual impact of an above ground rain water tank or who has limited space. Some of the most popular brands are from National Poly Industries, Nylex, Poly Water Tanks, Statewide, Sydney Water Tanks, Taylex and Tankmasta. Underground tanks can be manufactured from concrete or poly and are available in a range of sizes to suit most applications. Poly undergrounds are best for situations where 1200-10,000 litres of water storage is required(the tanks can be easily connected if space and budget allows). They are easier to install because they have a low profile(800mm-1500mm) and the excavation does not need to be deep.

The storage of rainwater has become a major priority these days with Australia’s dam levels consistently low due to an extended drought and an ever increasing population causing a short fall in our water supply, not to mention water price rises. Storing rainwater underground is becoming more and more desirable with the urban population leading the charge. Underground rainwater tanks are a great alternative to having a large rainwater tank sitting outside your house. These “invisible” rainwater tanks are a welcome alternative to the rainwater tanks available to the consumer in the urban market and complement the range of above ground slimline and round rainwater tanks that are becoming more popular in the urban areas of all major cities around Australia.

Underground rainwater tanks are the answer when space and accessibility are an issue. More and more people are looking at the various ways to store rainwater and underground rainwater tanks have become increasingly common for this reason. If you don’t have room for an above ground rainwater tank then consider an underground water tank for your home. Especially if you are building a new home, get in at ground level and install a new underground rainwater tank before or during the construction of your new home or renovation. Underground poly rainwater tanks are made to endure an underground environment. Made from incredibly strong and durable polyethylene plastic and requiring a shallow excavation the underground rain water tank is relatively easy to install.

If you are considering a poly underground water tank then why not look at the award winning patented Toroid range of underground tanks. They have fast become one of the market leaders in Australia for underground tanks. The donut style tank and bagel style tank (TMB) only require a shallow excavation of 1.4 meters. They come in 3000 litres and 5000 litres and can even be installed underneath driveways if required. Other poly undergrounds include the German Engineered NP tanks or the price-competitive and easy to install, PWU or NT undergrounds

Some things to consider when installing an underground tank are the location (under the house, under the driveway or perhaps just under your garden or lawn outdoors), the volume of water that you will need to hold, what the water will be used for. Also because of excavation and engineering, the cost to buy, and install an underground system is higher than their above ground cousins.

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