Water in our daily lives is important for us. We need water for our household chores and for own intake and also for other activities that need water. For this reason, it is a must to secure the water supply in your house. Common water supplier is from a municipal water, however, not all have the privileged to be connected to a water supplier especially for those places wherein water is limited, this places are common to droughts or their usual water source is not enough anymore that they tend to go for alternative solutions like reusing greywater or the most common method that has been adopted even long time ago is reusing rain by collecting and storing it for future use. In order to use the rain, it should be put in storage. Any container will do to act as a storage for rainwater but best advise is to use rainwater tank since it is made to be for the purpose of storing and maintaining water. It has the quality that you can be reliable and durable enough so you can use it in the long run. 

Rainy seasons are good news since you will be able to collect water that could supply you, especially during warmer months. When you collected more than enough water then you don’t have to worry when drought is coming. However, for those countries that experience winter, freezing temperature is really bad news for your rainwater harvesting system since this will have a bad effect on the components in collecting rainwater. Listed below the tips that you could do to during freezing temperature arrives:

Emptying your water tank

A water tank is supposedly filled with a large amount of rainwater in order to have water to be used in your homes for indoor or outdoor water needs. It is also advisable to have extra water for drought seasons since it will rarely rain.  However, if you installed above ground water tank instead of an underground water tank then it is prone to freeze when freezing temperature comes, in this case, you have to get the water inside your tank or in other words you have to empty it up so your water will not freeze since water tends to expand when the temperature is cold that will leads to freezing. Emptying your water tank is a lot of work to do which is a little bit hassle on your part, so installing your water with freeze protection is convenient since you will not have to do the work of preventing your water from freezing instead the devices installed together with your water tank will do the work. It will keep your water tank from freezing by maintaining a uniformed heat from both the top and bottom of your water tank. This will prevent the ice from build inside a storage tank.  

Using heat pump

The water tank can be a good year-round water source for you, so you can’t leave your water tank be emptied for a while because you won’t be able to have water that you could use for indoor or outdoor water needs in your home. In this case, you have another option that you could do, and that is to use a heat pump that will distribute around hot water into the system. Another key point that you must know the right placement of your pump and the distributing of your pump supply line. Make sure that the water supply line is hidden below the freezing temperature so that it will not freeze and crack during a freezing point. If your pipes are freeze then there is a tendency that it will break especially the joints of your pipes, and also make sure that there is no stagnant water in your pipes because this will be prone to freezing. 

Water towards your tank

For rainy seasons, it is important to keep the flow of water down to your tank constantly in order for your tank to be filled in with the collected rainwater from your catchment area like your roofs. However, you need to stop from allowing your water tank to have water inside instead the water should flow straight down your downspout. 

Rainwater harvesting is a good water source that can aide you for indoor and outdoor purposes whether it is potable or non-potable water. Through installing water tanks it can save you from water issues for the long run since it is made to be durable and reliable enough to store and maintain water. Rainwater from your tank can be a good help during warmer days, however, winter can be destructive to rainwater harvesting system since it will cause ice build up in your water tank and can damage the components of the system like the pipes or pumps. Listed above are the things that you can do to prevent serious problems.