Clothes play an important role in the human lifestyle. In order to protect us from climate conditions like strong winds, intense heat, cold and precipitation– that’s why the fabric is important in clothes. Aside from that, clothes become a statement of who we are or, in other words, an identity we give to ourselves. In addition, sometimes we wear clothes that matches the trend or occasions we are in. Clothes become an identification of your status or rank in comparison to others. As a matter of fact, clothing industry sky rocketed because there are a lot of reasons why clothing is essential to humans. As mentioned above the importance of clothing, washing your clothes becomes a responsibility to every citizen. Who would want to wear dirty and smelly clothes? Of course, as how important your clothes are to you, taking it to a laundry shop or hand wash it is important too so you can still wear your favorite clothing for the next event you participate. 

There are two ways of washing your clothes. You can wash it manually or in other words hand wash it or you can use a washing machine. 

Steps to hand wash your clothes:

Step 1: Check the label of your clothes

This will give you information about the clothing that you are about to hand wash. This will tell you recommendations of the specific product for hand washing clothes to be able to choose the right detergent that you need to use.

Step 2: Fill basin with water

You need a basin to put a water and then add a right amount of detergent that can accommodate the number of clothes to be washed.

Step 3: Soaking and hand washing your clothes

Dip your clothes into the water with detergent in it, and soak it. Afterwards, gently swish your clothes into the sudsy water until the garment is fully cleaned. 

Step 4: Rinsing your clothes

Empty your basin and make sure that the basin is not soapy anymore, and refill it again with a water for rinsing. Dip the clothes into the water in up and down motion until the soap is gone. Smell your clothes to ensure there’s no soapy smell anymore. Repeat the operation with clean water until the clothes are fully rinsed.

Steps in using washing machine to wash your clothes:

Step 1: Your clothes into the machine

You put all your dirty clothes into the washing machine and surf excel the right detergent to the machine. Prior to putting your dirty clothes into the machine, make sure you are done checking the label of each clothes because there are some clothes need to be dry cleaned or wash by hands. 

Step 2: Putting water into the machine

Fill the drum with water with the right temperature, and make sure the amount of water is right for the load of your clothes to be washed. 

Step 3: Wash cycle and Rinse cycle

Push the button for wash cycle, so the machine can start rotating to make your clothes clean. However, the more load you put into the machine, the more time is needed. Afterwards, if the wash cycle has finished, drain the drum and refill it again with clean water, and it’s time for rinse cycle. 

Step 4: After wash cycle

Your clothes is expected to be clean, and then you need to transfer your clothes to the dryer afterwards, the clothes are now ready to be hanged up to dry. 

Using washing machine is efficient compared to hand-wash yet, both methods have one purpose, and that is to make your clothes clean. Furthermore, water is the common element in both method. It requires water in order for your clothes to be cleaned. Since water is needed to wash your clothes, therefore you need a water source for that.

If you are located to areas in which water is plenty, then you are lucky because you will have water for your laundry but if you are in those areas wherein water crisis is common, then you need to have an alternative water source. Common method use for most household is rainwater harvesting.

Simply collecting rainwater to a roof then store it for later use. Raw rainwater might be potential for staining your clothes and might cause damage to your clothes. To avoid such unfortunate event from happening, you can install slimline water tank that have filtration system to ensure that the water you will use in washing your clothes is safe to use and would not cause any damage to your clothes. 

Clothes are important for humans as well as keeping them clean for the next event to wear it by washing them. Washing of clothes is a responsibility that should be done by everyone. There might be two ways to wash your clothes (Hand-wash and washing machine), and both ways need water.

If water supply is not an issue to a certain place then there’s no need to look for alternatives. However, if you are in an area wherein there is a problem in water supply then rainwater harvesting is a good choice for you. Aside from that, rainwater harvesting has been practiced around the globe for over two thousand years until now. In addition, it can help in solving water crisis in your area and decrease your water bill expenses. Opting for rainwater harvesting can give you free water source at the same time you are helping to improve the environment.