Setting Up Rainwater Tank with a Main Water Switch Device

Almost all households in this generation are adapting to the practice of collecting rainwater to get backup water supply they can use in case restrictions are implemented. Rainwater harvesting works by gathering the rain that falls on a catchment area regardless of whether it is coming from a roof or from the surface afterward it is stored in a water tank via pipes. Rainwater can be the only water source in your home, however, it is also better to both have rainwater and mains as your water source besides not all the time it is raining and at the same time, not all the time your main supply can provide you with water due to the high demand of water nowadays.

In order to make rain as your water source for your home, you first need to have a water tank installed in your home. Water tank gathers around all the incoming rainfall via pipes into one and stores it until the time of its consumption. There are water tanks you can choose from out in the market with a wide selection of styles, size, and colors. Styles of water tanks includes slimline tanks, round tanks, rectangular tanks, underground tanks, under deck tanks etc. You can also pick the right size of your water tank that would complement the size and space of your property aside from that, there are also different colors you can choose from.

Upon choosing the water tank that is best suited to the layout of your home, you should then consider the piping system. There are two piping systems to choose from—dry system and wet system. Choose dry system if there’s no such trouble in connecting your catchment area to the water tank. Otherwise, choose wet system, especially if it’s hard to route your pipes from catchment area to your water tank.

In addition, rainwater to mains switch must be included in setting up your water tank because this makes it easy to switch between the tank water usage and main water usage. Not all the times your water tank is filled with water sometimes water runs out and also your main supply is sometimes cut-off especially is there is a power failure, therefore, you need a device that can switch from your tank water to your main and then the other way around. Switching can be automatically and manually operated.

Automatic mains switch works when the water level in your water tank is getting low or there is a pump failure then the device will automatically switch to your main water source on the contrary manual main switch needs to be operated manually like if you need to use your water tank you need to turn the level up and down if you want to use your main supply.

The switching of your tank water and main water gives you advantages such as you can now manage the water usage of both water source, there’s lesser demand to your main supply because you will only use your main supply when your tank is out of water or there’s a pump failure which rarely happens which means it will decrease you water expense to your main supply. On top of that, you are also helping in conserving water in your area while improving the environment.