Our water source before (surface water and groundwater) can support the everyday water needs of everyone but as the time pass by we are now suffering from water shortage because of too many changes like the climate change and also some of our surface water is getting dirtier because of the improper handling of humans to nature. However, this would not change the fact that we need to drink water everyday especially to warmer seasons that’s why drinking fountain is put up to public places so anyone who needs water for drinking can access it easily and efficiently but because of water crisis instead of using main water supply it is better to use rainwater instead to save water. To achieve a drinkable rainwater, it should be purified and filtered thoroughly. 

Truth about our water source

The water (main water supply) that is being distributed to the consumers consumption comes from either surface water or groundwater. It is processed and treated first before it will be transported to whoever or whichever needs it. As the population is growing this would also mean that the demand for water is growing too, so supposedly the water supply should increase too but this is not what is happening right now but rather the other way around. Before, there is still abundant of water supply that can get from the usual water source like rivers, lakes reservoir or ocean or from drilling wells but today is different from yesterday. In older generations , water supply is not a problem since surface water and groundwater can still provide water to cater everyone’s water needs but on our current generation the water is now limited that leads to water shortage to almost all the areas in the planet that’s why water conservation is now a must. 

What is drinking fountain for?

 We drink water from time to time especially if we feel thirsty and it also prevent us from being dehydrated. Drinking fountain are usually put up in public places which are just accessible and efficient in providing water for those people who are in need of water to drink. As the temperature getting hotter we immediately get our water jug or water bottle to drink water but for those days in which you don’t have your water bottles or jug in you or it is empty then you can look for a drinking fountain near you and drink water from there or fill your empty bottle with water again. 

Why use rainwater for drinking fountain?

Drinking fountain get water from main water supply but knowing there is water shortage going on then using rain as a secondary water supply to every drinking fountains can be a good help. Using collected rainwater instead of main water supply is a good help in conserving water. Why? As we all know, main water supply is the common water source of everyone which means we are using almost all of our surface water and groundwater, but the water from these water source is not enough anymore to provide everyone so if there is a decrease of using main water supply then this would also mean we are saving the water we have left from the surface water and groundwater in other words, the lower the water demand from main water supply the higher the water being saved. 

What to consider in using rainwater?

To make use of rain, it needs to be collected first and then store it to a water tank then by the use of pipes the water will be distributed to every drinking fountain this process is called rainwater harvesting. Rainwater from a catchment area like the roof is not totally safe and clean to use since there is still a tendency that it will be contaminated as it flows through the gutter to the pipes before it reached to the water tank that’s why purification and filtration of rainwater tank water is a must upon installing water tank to make sure that the water you get from the drinking fountain is safe to use instead of a contaminated water which is harmful for human intake. In addition, make sure that the other components in rainwater harvesting is free from any debris like your roof, gutters, and pipes. There should be a daily check up and clean up for every components involves in the process of rainwater harvesting. 

As the temperature getting hotter and hotter , we tend to drink water more and more ,and also we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water each day so that we will not suffer from dehydration that’s why drinking fountains are usually found in public places like schools, rest areas, libraries, grocery stores etc. to provide drinking water for those who are I need of drinkable water.