Rainwater is an important natural resource that is now a concern because of the surface wash off that has become an issue, considering the growing usage by a growing world population. However, necessity is the mother of invention and now there are a number of systems invented and designed to collect rainwater. The rain water collection systems include internal and external fixtures like tanks, barrels and cisterns to collect and make rain water available at another time.

There are companies dedicated to designing and marketing rainwater collection systems and are accessible online and offline. The multiple units are installed by professionals who are dedicated to the endeavor. The systems are designed according to the particular requirement and the capacity and materials preferred and are priced accordingly too. The rain water collection systems are technically complete and ensure that the water that reaches the tap is free of debris and purified.

The rain water collection systems can be used as temporary and emergency water supply units and if the system is not fitted with a filtering system, it can still be used as a source of water for indoor and outdoor plants. The different rain water collection systems have one thing in common – they are all made from food grade gallon containers and are fitted with good PVC fittings. The rain water collection systems have individual threaded spigots that enable the water to be routed to the requirement via a hose.

The systems also have overflow valves to drain excess water with the help of a standard pipe. These features are seen in the barrels, cisterns and even the overhead and underground tanks. The installation of a rain water collection system involves first lining the area where the system is to be fitted, with bricks. The area is leveled and the barrel or tank is then laid down amidst paving screens and supported.

The opened side is fitted with a pipe that is led along an incline to the area of requirement. Once the rain water collection system is in place, the surface is sealed, especially if the fitting is underground. The rain water collection systems enable domestic usage and industrial requirements to be met with the help of a simple design. The designs are customized to fit within the parameters defined and are investments that add meaning and quality to life.

The rainwater collection systems fill up very quickly and enable you to save this precious resource from surface run off and also prevent erosion of fertile soil. It takes but one initiative to make a difference. Leakages and stagnant water can now be reused with the help of a simple installation. The rain water collection systems take away the blues of water shortage and other ‘water problems’ in residential areas and industrial sites. There are designs fitted with special filters that even make the water fit for consumption.

The summer months are no more a scare and help is just a click away! No more water rationing and no more dry lawns in the summer months.

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