One of the places in Australia that needs more water tanks is Melbourne,the second most populous city in Australia. There are often water restrictions in summer due to the low level of the city’s reservoirs. Because water is a necessity, people rely on household water tanks for their supplemental water supply. These water tanks collect water from rainwater  or may hold storm water when there is rain and store it for later use. Some of the brands of water tanks found in Melbourne include those listed on Rainwater Tanks Direct, such as the poly tank suppliers, Clark Tanks, All Weather Tanks, Nylex, Rotoplus, Tankmasta, Supatank and also Kingspan who make corrugated steel water tanks and Statewide who supply concrete underground tanks.

All of these brands are made to suit the needs of Melbourne people. There are also other brands available such as Team Poly that may be able to deliver into Melbourne without extra cost.

Tanks supplied to Melbourne vary in both size and price. Some can store between 200 and 7,500 litres of water, and are referred to as small tanks

A 5,000 Litre Slimline tank from Rainwater Tanks Direct which is available in Melbourne. Slimline tanks are best for houses and apartments as they require less space.

Tanks that hold from 10,000 up to 50,000 litres are often called large tanks. There are also underground concrete tanksfrom Statewide Concrete which can store up to 25,000 litres of water, and underground poly tanks which can store up to 5000 litres each. Many of these poly undergrounds can also be connected together to provide even more water storage.


tp50050l50,050 litre water tank from Rainwater Tanks Direct

The area you reside in Melbourne determines the size of the tanks that you will need. For example if you live in the metro area, you may not need as large a water tank as those who live in the rural areas surrounding it. People in rural areas also may not have access to town water and will need to rely entirely on storage tanks and rainwater harvesting  for all of their household water needs.

The price of watertanks varies. Price will depend on size, material, type of tank and manufacturer. There are other charges that are also associated with the price of the tank like transportation and clearance and installation costs. Transportation cost is the cost of delivery. It may be built into the price of the tank that you buy, especially if you buy online, but it is always best to ask. An in-depth analysis of water tank prices is available in our blogs.

Installation of water tanks is best performed by a licensed plumber. This will ensure you get the full benefit from your new water tank, as well as ensuring that you receive the full protection of the manufacturer’s warranty. Most plumbers will be willing to quote you on an installation before the work commences. The size of the water tank that you buy also matters. If the water tank is very large, you may need to get a clearance from the local authority, and a police escort, to transport it. The point of this clearance is to avoid any problems that may arise in transporting the tank, such as low overhead clearance. All these costs may be added to the price of the water tank.

If you are looking for a water tank for your home in Melbourne, simply visit the website of Rainwater Tanks Direct, and you will get all the information that you will need. They have water tanks that are above ground and below ground, and they have round, slimline and underground tanks made from a variety of materials. Buying online will give you the opportunity to compare products and find the best price without having to leave your home or office.