When you hear the word “Agriculture”, the first that comes into your mind is farming which includes growing crops and raising livestock that is the main provider of the food we eat and the clothing we wear each and everyday. Agriculture industry plays a vital role in human civilization because it provides the needs of humans such as food and clothing. In agriculture industry, water is highly on demand. It is important to farmers to have lots of water supply that can cover up the water consumption that is needed to make a sustainable farm.

In some areas, water is luckily abundant but, on the other side, some areas are suffering from what they called water shortage due to climate change. For areas having trouble with water supply, it is better to find an alternative way. Common method that is being used is rainwater harvesting. In fact, the water used in farming is coming from rainwater, with this given information, installation of water tanks in farms is a good help. 

Water quality

Farm provides food for humans that is distributed to the markets. In buying food products, the first thing to be considered is its quality. Checking whether it is healthy or not, yet you can’t directly tell whether the product is safe or not therefore, the quality of food products is farmer’s responsibility. They should make sure that the product they distributes is safe to eat. That’s why it is important to check the quality of water being used for crops and livestock because this will determine the quality of food product.

If the water being used is contaminated then you can expect for contaminated food products which is dangerous for the consumer because it might be a cause for human diseases, on the other hand, using a healthy water will provide healthy food products which is safe for consumers. If the agricultural water is coming from rainwater harvesting, then a water tank can be a good option as water reservoirs because it is designed mainly to maintain collected rainwater.

In addition, there are filtration solutions that can ensure that the incoming and outgoing rainwater have a good quality. Listed below the devices that can help you achieve quality water tank:

Rain heads

If you are collecting rainwater from a roof then this is a must have in your rainwater harvesting system. It is a container that is in between your gutter and downpipe that supports the flow of water from the roof. This device helps to lessen the water surges in other words , it serves as an external overflow that aids the water to flow down to the downpipe. 

First Flush 

It is a simple device that diverts the first flow of water from the catchment area. It washes off the sediments that have collected since the last rain. In other words, before the rainwater enters the tank, first flush device clean off first the residue that is left during the last rainfall which can assure you that the rainwater that will enter your water tank is cleaner. 

Whole of Roof 

This device have same function as the rain head however, it is not cheap and it’s way more cost effective. Instead of attaching rain heads on each downpipe this whole roof filter can be installed. However, the supply pipes of water tank should be as one before the tank to have an effective operation. Take note, this can only be use if the catchment area of your rainwater harvesting is the roof.

Cartridge filters 

This device is installed between the pumps and outlets. This device is made for rainwater. The filtering membrane inside this device is infuse with a carbon compound that allows to filter down 15 microns and will also treat colour and odour issues.

In other cases , there are self-cleaning water pre-tank filters in the market some can separate rainwater and dirt at the same time or have an advance technology used that can clean itself automatically. 

Reduced Water bills

The water consumption in agriculture is much larger than personal needs. Mostly in farms, Hectares of crops are needed to be watered and number of raised animals needs drinkable water then a vast amount of water is truly needed. This will surely result to expensive water bills if the farmers will solely depend on local water supply. Water bills can reduced by purchasing large tanks that can store more than 30,000 liters which is enough amount of water than can sustain water needs in agriculture. The stored rainwater from your water tank can be used to support the water needs of a farmer to keep the farm sustainable instead of using solely the water supply coming from a local provider. 

It is important to provide the essentials to keep a farm to be sustainable for the long run to provide us continuous supply of food and clothes. Agricultural water is one factor to maintain a farm. Not all areas in the globe is lucky to have an abundant supply of water therefore, purchasing a water tank to act as a water reservoirs is a good option. It can provide good quality of water and can reduce water bill. However, what is stated above is not the only advantage you can get from using a water tank, there are actually a lot of it. All you need to do is read , learn and apply it. As a reminder , it is better to look for reliable water tank dealers that can fully address all your demands.