sts5000lThis polyethylene slimline water tank (STS5000L) can store upto 5,000 litres of water. Slimline water tanks have less width dimension thus making them effective on homes and apartments.

While many of the same principles apply to preparing the base for slimline tanks as apply to preparing the base for round polyethylene tanks, their dimensions (being relatively long and high while relatively narrow in width), make them less stable in situ than round water tanks. As with round tanks, to ensure that your water tank gives you trouble free rainwater for the life of the tank, it is essential that you carefully prepare the site where you intend to locate the tank before it is delivered. The first step is to remove at least 100 mm of the existing ground so that you have flat level ground for the base. However, unlike round water tanks, slimline tanks must be installed on a concrete base. Crusher dust is not acceptable. The concrete base must use at least 25mpa concrete mix and be at least 100mm (4”) thick with F62 mesh located halfway through the mix. The finished surface should have a trowelled finish, and be flat and level with no high or low spots. The concrete base should be 150 mm wider than the footprint of the water tank. Also as most slimline water tanks are located along an external wall of a house or garage, you must ensure that there is a gap between the rear of the tank and the wall of the building.