Recently there has been an increasing need for alternative water storage and supply systems in our residential buildings, which is mostly due to the often irregular pattern of rainfall across the world. In recent years, populations have grown and rising living standards mean that people have increased their personal water use, which has partly led to many governments providing subsidies for rainwater tanks.

On occasion Australian governments have moved to place a cap on the use of water for most household purposes. Environmental activists have also campaigned for an increase in the use of alternative sources like household rainwater collection systems, as well as municipal water recycling or desalination programs, and of course a reduction in the individual use of water.

Rainwater harvesting systems are manufactured to capture rain water from the roof and then send it to other parts of the house, usually after proper filtration. The water is mostly used for domestic activities like running the washing machine, gardening, flushing toilets and filling swimming pools.
In order to get the most benefit from your rain water collection system it must be chosen based on your needs. There are different types of rain water systems; some have underground storage, while others are above-ground. Most collection is roof-top based.

How to Choose the Perfect and Durable Rain Water System

Rainwater systems by various manufacturers are usually categorized by the quality and type of materials used. Choosing the best rainwater systems manufacturer can often be a very difficult decision to make, however it is a very important one. When choosing a good and reliable manufacturer consider the variety of products that they have on offer, as well as the features their products offer.

Reliable manufacturers will offer a warranty for their product. These are commonly between 5 and 30 years depending on the kind of tank, the material and the individual manufacturer. For example slimline tanks have the shortest warranties at five to ten years, while concrete tanks have some of the longest warranties at thirty years. Above ground round polyethylene tanks usually offer warranties of ten to twenty-five years. As with most products, the honouring of warranties depends on the product being installed to the manufacturers’ specifications, and that it has been subject to proper use, care and maintenance.

Pricing is usually important when it comes to choosing the right rainwater system. Good manufacturers of rainwater systems will have a wide variety of products. Generally, the smaller the capacity of the tank the lower the price will be. The average price for a very good rain water system from reliable manufacturers can cost from $850 (round tank) to $2000 (slimline tank) for a 5,000 litre capacity.

The easiest way to buy a good rainwater system is via the internet. There are many different companies and manufacturers of rainwater systems on the internet. Searching through the internet will reveal many different options, and going through the testimonials on each site will give you a sense of what other customers think about their product. A good thing to do is to be on the lookout for rebates and free delivery packages that will help you determine the right supplier for you.