Rapid depletion of the water reserves post monsoon and increasing instance of scarcity of water in summer have made many ‘aware’ people and societies turn towards recycling of grey water. Grey water or rinse water treatment is carried out via simple designs that make it possible for domestic and industrial units to choose from a myriad of options to treat and reuse grey water. The grey water tanks are designed and engineered by experts dedicated to the endeavor of saving fresh water from being used for washing vehicles and gardening. The grey water tanks used to treat grey water source the water from faucets fitted within the unit.

The treatment plants enable water from the laundry and bathroom to be put to similar or allied use in a matter of minutes. The grey water tanks are designed not to let the grey water stand for long. The water is treated and immediately re-routed via pipes. This is owing to the fact that grey water already contains contaminants and allowing it to stagnate would only provide harmful bacteria with a breeding ground and there would be a foul odor that would make living in the vicinity distressful. The recycling of grey water with the help of the treatment within the tanks helps to source water for the car wash and washing the drive way even in summer. The grey water tanks are components of the treatment units.

The treatment of the grey water takes place within the tanks and is based on the contaminants that are present in the water. The samples of grey water are sent to the engineers for analysis and the treatment options are then provided to the customer. The treatment technique is then fitted within the grey water tanks. The treated water is reused to decrease the use of fresh water for jobs that do not really need fresh water to be used. The grey water recycling plants are easily available online and offline. They can be viewed for details from different angles, online. The designs can be customized according to the volume of grey water to be treated at a time and the type of treatment option that needs to be made available.

The grey water tank is where the sourced grey water is stored and treated. The tank is fitted with pipes to source and route the water. There are many societies around the world seriously considering the installation of the grey water tanks to address non-consumption requirement of water during the summer months. In many dry regions across the globe, the grey water tanks have made it possible to maintain gardens and offer parched lawns new life. The investment in a grey water tank is a one time investment and an heirloom of sorts. It gives every customer a chance to enjoy a life time of water supply for the surrounding external upkeep and an opportunity to be a part of the global awareness campaign.

The grey water tanks are low cost and low maintenance investments and are installed very easily. The cost factor largely depends on the volume of water to be sourced and the kind of treatment required. It is inclusive of the whole grey water system and installation charges.

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