Grey water treatment offers domestic and industrial units multiple options on the use of the grey water sourced from the faucets fitted within the treatment plants. The water from the laundry and bathroom can be put to similar or allied use in a matter of hours or especially during the dry summer months. The recycling of rinse water or grey water is done post treatment of the same in special grey water recycling plants. The water sourced from the wash basin or kitchen sink or the bathroom is called grey water due to the dull, cloudy appearance.

The grey water is treated post analysis and on the basis of the contaminants that are present in the water. The treated water is reused to decrease the pressure on the use of fresh water for jobs like cleaning the vehicles and watering the plants that could be taken care of by the treated water. The grey water recycling plants comprise of a storage tank where the sourced grey water is stored and treated. The system is fitted with pipes that take care of the sourcing and routing of treated water.

There are many manufacturers who cater specifically to this market segment. Many societies around the world, especially the dry regions are seriously considering the recycling of grey water. The grey water recycling methods had offered new life to many a garden in summer and made it possible to counter and address drought and water restrictions in the right light. The grey water recycling systems are a one time investment for a life time of water supply.

The systems are designed to offer customers a low cost and low maintenance water distribution system for irrigation or any other outdoor washing job. The system can be installed to reuse the water from one or many grey water output sources from the home or office. The price of the grey water recycling systems depends on the volume of water to be sourced and treated and the kind of treatment the grey water requires before it can be used. The cost factor for the grey water recycling systems is usually inclusive of the complete system and delivery and installation charges. The endeavor is to save the precious natural resource – water. The grey water recycling systems enable instant use of the grey water sourced to avoid breeding of bacteria and foul odor.

The systems have no electrical parts or those that move and the operation and maintenance costs are also very low. Many of the grey water recycling systems are also made available with warranties. The installation of the grey water recycling system is handled by a professional and qualified plumber. The installation could stretch over a day or two, depending on the extent of treatment and volume of water expected to be treated as grey water. The grey water recycling practice empowers many home owners to flaunt well kept kitchen and flower gardens throughout the year. The effort is a global contribution to reduce the stress of water scarcity on societies dwelling in dry regions.

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