The recycling of water has become a necessity, considering the growing level of scarcity during the summer months. The reuse of domestic rinse water with the help of the grey water recycling systems has made it possible to immediately used treated rinse water for similar or allied use. The system is simple and diverts the water directly to the garden or car wash area of the garage or to any faucet that is used for external surface washing. The grey water recycling systems are manufactured and sold within a special market segment. They are designed by engineers who are dedicated to the endeavor.

The grey water recycling systems are customizable and can have one or more sourcing and re-routing diversions. The grey water from the bathroom, wash basin or laundry is drawn in to a grey water tank, where unlike the rain water harvesting systems, the water is not allowed to stand for supply at a later date and time. This is because the grey or rinse water already has toxins and pollutants that can breed harmful bacteria and give out a foul odor.

The grey water sourced from the home is immediately treated and re-routed for the required use. In fact, the grey water recycling systems make it possible to water the garden as you have a bath! The system designs and the installation process are monitored by local civic authorities and the guidelines need to adhere to the law. The rules include the clause that grey water cannot be stored for more than 24 hours. The system has to be sealed to avoid a run off. The grey water recycling systems can be installed while constructing the home or on purchase of a built up building.

The systems are customizable and hence, can be designed and retrofitted into any existing home. The grey water recycling systems are engineered by professionals who take complete responsibility for the designs, manufacture and installation of the systems. The professionals make advice and guidelines available 24×7 online and even offline. The systems adhere to set standards for high efficiency, effectiveness and safety. The grey water recycling systems are fitted with diversion systems from where the grey water is routed via the outlet hose of the wash area. The systems available in the market for consideration include incorporated sumps and surge tanks to deliver the routed grey water through sub-surface mechanisms.

The reuse of grey water enables you to enjoy a lush green lawn even in the summer months and do a thorough job at the garage car wash. The water system comes with overflow valves that enable the water level to remain with the standard volume. Once, this standard volume mark is crossed, the grey water is automatically routed to the nearest sewage outlet. This guarantees no health hazards that come with the stagnation of grey water and no disturbing odor. The grey water recycling systems use a number of techniques to filter the water. Some of them are mechanical systems that include UV radiation and biological systems.

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