Grey water is recycled rinse water from the kitchen basin or laundry. The recycling of grey water has become a necessity today to take care of similar or allied use, like washing outdoor surfaces, watering the garden or in the garage car wash. The grey water pump is a fitting within the grey water recycling systems. The use of the pump to source and route the water post treatment has made it possible to immediately use the treated rinse water. The grey water recycling system is simple.

The water is sourced with the help of the grey water pump and treated and immediately again pumped out into the garden or car wash area or to any faucet. The grey water recycling systems fitted with dedicated designs of internally fitted grey water pumps are manufactured and designed by engineers who are experts in the field. The grey water recycling systems and the grey water pumps are customizable according to the capacity and volume of grey water previously determined, post analysis. The analysis of the grey water is done to identify contaminants in the water and decide on the treatment options.

The grey water pumps have one or more sourcing and re-routing diversions. The grey water is pumped out from the bathroom, wash basin or laundry and is pumped into an arrangement within the design. However, the water is not allowed to stand and is treated immediately to get rid of toxins and pollutants that can breed harmful bacteria if the water is allowed to stagnate. The grey water is immediately pumped out by the grey water pump for some immediate use. The grey water-pump sources the water from the home and re-routes it out.

The pumps are designed by experts and the endeavor is reuse of grey water, but without health risks. This makes the feature of the grey water pump a very important one. The working and integration of the grey water pumps within the grey water recycling systems are monitored by local civic authorities. The grey water pump is tested to ensure that the grey water does not remain stagnant and the design is sealed. The compactness of the grey water pump and overall design prevents run off. The grey water recycling systems a re pre fitted with the grey water pumps and the whole is sold as a unit.

The grey water pumps are also available individually. They are customizable and can be retrofitted. The design and functionality of the grey water pumps are engineered by professionals who take complete responsibility for the pumps ability to instantly flush the treated grey water. The grey water pumps are designed for efficiency and safety. They have diversion systems and can be fitted into sumps and surge tanks. The use of the grey water pumps helps to route grey sub-surface and are fitted with overflow valves to maintain the pumped in grey water at a certain level. The pump is capacitated to automatically route excess water to a sewage outlet. The grey water pumps come with a guarantee.

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