The conservation of water is being seen in new light all over the world. People are now looking at not only harvesting rainwater for use during the summer months, but also reusing grey water. Greywater refers to rinse water – water used to rinse dishes, laundry or post bathing. The sued water from domestic and industrial units are studied and referred to as grey water and black water. The level and type of contaminants in both are different and while grey water is recyclable, black water is not. Grey water has lesser and milder bio contaminants than black water.

There are grey water holding tanks that are fitted within the grey water treatment systems. The grey water tanks maintain the grey water as it is being sourced and treated for immediate discharge. The grey water holding tanks play a very important role in the units. The grey water treatment units have enabled people around the world to address solutions for the insufficiency of water. Grey water treatment systems are fitted with the holding or storage tanks. The grey water sourced from the home in the form of rinse water from kitchens and wash rooms is stored and treated in the holding tank. The treatment depends on the analysed contaminants present in the water.

The water is then routed back from the grey water holding tank, to the faucets. The designing and engineering of the grey water holding tanks is handled by professionals. The grey water that is routed into the holding tank contains food residue and toxins cleaners and detergents. The grey water treatment systems and grey water holding tanks can be installed in residential and industrial complexes. The manufacturers of the grey water holding tanks offer free consultation on how to clean and maintain the tanks and regular guidance on the treatment plan within. Governments and societies around the world are considering the installation of the grey water holding tanks. The tanks make grey water available instantly, as it is sourced, for irrigation and vehicle washing. The water is not allowed to stagnate within the grey water holding tank to prevent odour and breeding of harmful bacteria.

The grey water holding tanks are designed and engineered to separate grey and black water and effectively treat the water before discharge. The grey water holding tanks help to limit pollution and health risks and yet, at the same time, reuse grey water to reduce the pressure on the need for fresh water for tasks such as washing the car, watering the lawn and washing the drive-way. The tanks ensure that the grey water routed outward after treatment is safe to be returned to the environment. The ecological concern of depleting water resources and wastage of water can be taken care of with the help of the grey water holding tanks. The slightly purified grey water makes a better drain than the untreated flow or black water. The installation of the grey water treatment systems with the grey water holding tanks helps to keep fresh water free of contamination.

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