The grey water from homes and commercial units is being recycled and reused to save on the unnecessary use and wastage of fresh water. The reuse of grey water with the help of grey water treatment systems has enabled many communities around the world to access water for plants and outdoor washing requirements during the hot, summer months. The grey water diverter is a system that sources the grey water from bath and wash-rooms and kitchen sinks, treats the water and diverts the treated water to the taps connected. The system enables the recycling of grey water immediately from showers and taps for similar or allied use.

The grey water diverter is a simple system that sends the treated water to the area identified for reuse. The system could be single or multiple to reduce the demand placed on the main water supply. The grey water diverter functions with a ‘gravity’ technique and the operational costs and maintenance costs are little or nothing at all. The grey water diverters are a one time investment and offer real value with durability and functionality within a neat package. The system enables the home owner to maintain a garden inspite of water restrictions.

The design comes with an overflow pipe which ensures that the excess grey water does not stagnate becoming a breeding ground for harmful bacteria or emit a foul odour. The grey water diverter automatically overflows into the sewer pipes when a pre determined level is reached. The diverter is engineered by professionals who are dedicated to the water conservation endeavour. The externally fitted grey water diverter can be painted to compliment the internal and external structure and colour scheme of the home or commercial premises.

The design is marketed within a dedicated segment of the industry and the manufacturers and retailers make available good after sales service and free consultation with the engineers. The grey water diverter comes complete with a tank, fully automatic internal submersible pump and plumbing connections to standard pipes and valves to divert the waste water. All designs of the grey water diverter are engineered in accordance to the rules and regulations laid down by the Department of Human Services.

The guidelines are monitored and inspected on site by specialists and their approved is an absolute necessity pre installation. There are grey water diverters pre slotted for discharge and work great in gardens. The even slotting enables the grey water to be spread equally through the garden. This system can be installed beneath the surface. The grey water diverter enables every one to play a vital role in the recycling of this valuable resource.

The grey water diverter valves separate water from different areas of the home. They are easily installed and very, very reliable. The grey water diverter valves come as pre-assembled outlets. They can be viewed for details online and the viewer can even inspect the engineering from different angles. The installation of one is a major step towards water conservation.

Grey Water Diverters as the New Alternative for Reliable Water Supply

The need to secure alternative sources of water supply has never been more urgent as it is in recent times. The reduction in the level of rainfall and the increasing use of water by the population have necessitated the development of practical solutions to the disastrous water shortages that are predicted to affect many parts of the world in the near future.

Dry countries like Australia have already been affected by this low level of rainfall. In response to this many environmental scientists, activists and even some governments have increased efforts to convince citizens to conserve and recycle water. An important solution that can solve the problem of the declining water supply is a grey water system. These systems are designed to recycle used water from homes and commercial units into a reusable form. Grey wastewater is the wastewater from showers, laundry and the kitchen and bathroom sink. It is pretty much any wastewater from the household that does not contain toilet waste, once wastewater contains toilet waste it is considered black wastewater. Black wastewater cannot be recycled for use in the home.

The system collects grey wastewater from parts of the building – like wash rooms, kitchen, sinks and bathrooms – and subsequently treats this water before transporting the treated water to a tank. The water is then suitable for use in the garden, perfect for irrigating your plants and lawn. It isn’t suitable for reuse inside the home.

If you’d like to collect and store extra fresh water for use in your home, you need to use a rainwater harvesting system. These systems are designed to catch rainfall directly before storing and eventually supplying it to the intended locations.

The grey water system is a very cost effective way of maximizing the use of water by recycling used water into a reusable form. The grey water diverter system, like the rainwater harvesting process, also helps reduce water bills of users. Apart from this it provides great benefit to the environment by recycling all your grey wastewater – which is more than half of the water used in the home.

Countries like Australia and New Zealand have an abundance of eco engineers that help design these technologies to solve the already troubling water supply levels. With the increasing use of these technologies experts are beginning to suggest that Australia, with careful management, might be able to escape the damaging effect of water shortages.

Residents who are interested in using a grey water diverter system or rainwater harvesting system have a very careful decision to make. This is because just like any other service choosing a provider is a very important aspect of the benefits that will be derived. One good way of finding a reliable supplier and installer of a grey water diverter system is by checking the internet for lists of available suppliers. After this, short listing suppliers by checking the cost of their service will help you to reduce cost while not necessarily reducing quality. Since alternative water supply and harvesting systems are designed to reduce cost as well as provide alternatives, they should not be unreasonably expensive; they should represent value for money.

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