Diverse people can benefit from water storage tanks. Rainwater tanks are made in different shapes, sizes and materials and are available with a complete range of fittings and attachments. Whether you are a farmer looking to use rainwater on your property or you are a homeowner searching for the perfect water storage solution, you can benefit significantly if you know where to look and which one to pick. However if you only look at well-known brands like Clark Tanks and Bushmans Tanks you may miss out on others that can offer better value for your money. There are other rainwater tank manufacturers you can find online that offer the ideal combination of great style, strength, durability and functionality.

Who Benefits from Rainwater Tanks?

Think carefully about your purpose before you begin your search. Are you a homeowner who wants to cut down on utility bills? Are you part of a home development company? Are you a farmer who wishes to invest in durable, cost effective large rainwater tanks?

Aside from homeowners and farmers who may need to store water for their personal and business use, who else benefits from rainwater tanks? Because industry may require rainwater tanks for a variety of purposes and may need certain specifications, there are some manufacturers that offer custom-fitted water storage solutions to best answer these needs. If you need a tank for a special purpose – for material of specific gravity, or even for dangerous chemicals – there is likely a custom fitted storage tank solution available. Developers of infrastructure like irrigation projects also benefit from rainwater tanks. Good quality rainwater tanks of all kinds will add value to projects with excellent performance and pleasing aesthetics.

What are the Different Water Tank Products?

Clark Tanks and other brands in the market have a vast range of water tank products to fit different needs and purposes. Round water tanks have a classic look with a ribbed profile that gives optimum integral strength. They are the most cost effective type of water tank on the market. They are available in various colors and sizes that range from 200 litres to 50,000 litres.

Slimline water tanks, on the other hand, are lightweight and considered space savers. They are ideal for urban applications where space is limited. Many manufacturers also make this kind of tank. In addition, their designs are often modern and stylish as well as strong and stable. Slimlines are available in sizes from 1000 to 5000 litres.

Some companies that make rainwater tanks also offer underground water tanks with compact, shallow excavation designs that will cut down on your installation cost. Many of these tanks also have an integrated filter for improved water quality, at no extra cost to you. Underground tanks may be poly or concrete.

It is important to choose water storage tanks that are lightweight, strong, durable, and long-lasting, but it is not just Bushmans or Clark Tanks that have such products. Try going over rainwater tank reviews online and you will certainly find models and brands that are worthy of purchase.