Rainwater harvesting systems are an important part of a modern sustainable household. They come in many different forms but all have the same aim- the efficient and cost- effective conservation of rainwater.

Rainwater collection systems are important for two main reasons. They enable you to collect valuable rainwater from your rooftop and direct it to where it can be stored for future use, and also to eliminate the possibility of stagnant water pooling in gutters and on rooftops which could contribute to unwanted mosquito breeding or even structural damage to the roof or gutters

It is not easy for people to make decisions regarding the right rainwater system for their homes and so they may turn to experts for advice on setting up the most appropriate rainwater collection system for their situation. A good supplier will ask the customer lots of questions and offer and explain alternatives in choice of tank, pumps and other accessories. In this way the customer will be well armed with the right information to choose the best system to suit their needs.

How to choose the right Rainwater Systems supplier

Look for a supplier who is able to offer an extensive range of tanks, pumps and other accessories. In tanks, a supplier who can access a wide range of brands such as All Weather, Clark, Compass, Designer Tanks, EcoSac, Graf, Halgan, National Poly, Nylex, Poly Water, Precision Poly, Rotadyne, Select, Supatank, Sydney Tanks, Tankmasta, Tankworks, Tanks Direct and Team Poly for instance, would be a good start which would give the customer plenty of choice both in size, style and tank material. Certain tank styles may be important in different situations such as lightweight poly slimlines for space-starved urban areas, underground concrete tanks for difficult sites or steel tanks for bushfire prone rural areas. Choosing the right pump for the right situation is also easier when the supplier can offer pumps from a range of the most popular and trusted brands like Davey, DAB, Bianco, Grundfos, Onga and Ramdex/Reefe thus giving the customer the best chance of finding not only the best pump but also the best-priced pump. Similarly with accessories such as pump covers, pressure vessels, filters and fire-fighting fittings. A good supplier, even if unable to give you everything you need, should be able to give you the information you need so that you end up with the best rainwater harvesting situation for both your budget and your location.

Some suppliers may offer installation as part of the package. If not, a good supplier should provide you with installation instructions and also warranties. Remember to follow the installation instructions carefully or use a certified installer. Failure to do so may damage your tank or pump and void the warranties.