A brief introduction to water tanks

Water bladder tanks are tanks which have a rubber bladder in them. The bladder is filled with water or filled with air as the case may be but as expected, a water bladder tank will definitely be filled with water. As soon as a toilet or sink knob is turned on, water is pumped from the water tank. When the water and air pressure gets low, the pressure switch’s contact locks. The pressure switch then conveys an electrical current to the water pump which will end up causing the water pump to start and pump water back into the water bladder tank. The length of time it will take for the pressure switch to lock on depends on the size of the water bladder tank.  If the water bladder tank is large in size, it will definitely take time for the electrical current from the pressure switch to get to the water pump.

Mechanism of Water Bladder Tanks

When water is used in the home, or a compound generally, water is going to leave the water bladder tank. As water is being dispensed from the tank, the bladder will reduce in size and the water pressure within the tank will drop significantly. It is also important to point out that water bladder tanks contain air. As the water in the tank goes down, the air pressure will go down too. The pressure control switch, normally sited close to the tank, detects the drop in pressure within the tank. When the pressure drops to a certain level, the pressure switch’s contacts swiftly close together. This leads to the water pump getting switched on. The activated water pump then draws water from the well. At this point, the tank is refilled and water and air pressure within the tank is also restored back to normal.

How does the Water Bladder Tank Get Refilled?

As soon as the pressure switch is activated, the water pump which is normally found near the tank or inside the well immediately pulls water from below the ground back into the tank’s bladder. When the water bladder gets filled, water and air pressure goes back to normal levels. When the both of them have gone back to normal, the contacts on the pressure switch are pulled away from each other. With the relaxation of the pressure switch, water will immediately stop getting pumped into the tank. The whole process outlined above is what plays out as soon as water is used in the home.

If you are looking to setup a bladder water tank in your home or factory do your best to ensure that it is purchased from a reputable shop and installed by them, or a licensed plumber. A wrongly installed bladder tank will cost unnecessary money to replace and so it is very important to get it right the first time. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to buy from trusted dealers.