Bladder tanks are water tanks made with PVC or Thermoplastic Polyurethane and used to store water or other liquids certified to Australian Standards for Drinking water AS4020. They are manufactured in such a way that they are guaranteed not to leak, are resistant to punctures and pressure tested so that the stored water is safe for household or commercial use such as flushing toilets or running a washing machine. Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. It is subject to occasional floods and periodic droughts so that water supply is often a concern for residents, especially because of ever-increasing demand for water caused by population growth. Since the re-introduction of water tanks and encouragement from the government in terms of rebates and education in maintaining sustainable households, a lot has been achieved in reducing water scarcity and in water management. Because Bladder tanks are most suitable for locations with little space for standard rainwater tanks, they are indeed a viable option in Brisbane where medium density and high density housing is becoming more common. Bladder tanks for domestic use have a low profile, a metre or less, and can be installed in unused spaces under decks and verandas, under houses or in basements. Brisbane’s climate means that houses with verandas and decks are popular.

Bladder Tanks Brisbane-Good News For All Residents Of Brisbane!

In many of the older suburbs, the high-set “Queenslander” is a common sight, providing protection from floodwaters and allowing cooling breezes to reach living areas and also providing plenty of space in the sub-floor areas to install bladder tanks. Bladder tanks come in two forms: framed bladder tanks,where the bladder sits inside a steel frame and is anchored by a geo-textile harness which prevents the bladder from touching any part of the building, even when completely filled. Remember, water is extremely heavy: 1,000 litres of water weighs 1 tonne. This type of bladder tank can store more water per metre than the frameless bladder tank, which is on the other hand, slightly cheaper and simpler to install. Both types of bladder tanks are equally easy to transport and install and only require a metre wide, metre high entrance to the potential installation space. If using a framed bladder tank, the steel frame is assembled on site. Unlike many other types of rainwater tanks, you can take your bladder tank with you if you move house. Most bladder tanks come with a 10 year warranty, are algae resistant and can be supplied as either a Potable Water bladder or a bladder suitable for irrigation. Bladders made from TPU are UV stabilised, BPA free and environmentally friendly.