Bianco Water Pumps

Bianco pumps are available in wide range of variety to meet the requirements of various types of applications such as pumps for rainwater harvesting, fire pumps, portable engine pumps etc. Bianco provides following types of pumps:

  1. Domestic pumps
  2. Pool pumps
  3. Fire pumps
  4. Energy saving pumps
  5. Submersible/ drainage pumps
  6. Rain harvesting controllers
  7. Garden/Aquatics
  8. Accessories

Bianco domestic pumps can be classified as hot water circulator, close coupled stainless steel motor pump units and inbox PC models. Hot water circulators have been made using material that is suitable for portable water. It is designed to operate at low power consumption and it can pump 65 litres of water in one minute. Close coupled stainless steel motor pump units have been designed to be light weight so that they can perform without making noise. These pumps are considered to be quite reliable. Inbox PC model s can be started automatically. They are 100% electronic in operation and the pump starts automatically when the tap is turned on. These are made up of stainless steel.

Bianco pool pumps are known for providing good quality noiseless performance. These pumps are easy to use. They are made up of material that is resistant to corrosion and UV radiations therefore these pumps are considered to be very reliable. The pumping action is very powerful and the pump is able to deliver water at good flow rate. It is easy to clean. It is certified for safe pool installation. The pump comes along with a corrosion resistant base which keeps the pump elevated and moisture remains away from the motor.

The fire pumps can be classified into:

  1. Portable engine pump
  2. Gusher pump
  3. Fire pump and
  4. Transfer pump

Similarly Submersible /Drainage pumps can be classified into:

  1. High Head Drainage Pump (clean water) – SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS – BIA-JH8003P
  2. High Head Drainage Pump (clean water) – PRESSURE SYSTEM
  3. Drainage Pumps (clean water)
  4. Vortex Pumps
  5. Drainage Pump with Internal Float Switch (clean water)

There is also a great demand for Bianco’s automatic rain to mains water changeover device. customers at any part of the world at any time.

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