There is no denying in the necessity of collecting rainwater in this day and age of environmental conservation. Not only are you turning the stored rainwater into a renewable, recyclable resource, you’re also saving money from municipal water costs that come from using treated water for other household needs apart from drinking. The rainy season is right around the corner, and soon we’ll have to enjoy [!] and prepare ourselves for the coming weeks to collect as much water as we can until the dry season comes ’round again.

But what do you think when you hear about rainwater tanks? Most would probably say they’re not fit for the urban lifestyle. But contrary to that belief, more and more city dwellers are installing rainwater tanks for their backup water needs. With this abundance comes the prickly problem of turning these eyesores into works of yard art. So how do you hide the water tank protruding on your yard? Here are 5 creative ways.

Add vegetation, wherever needed

If you have a smaller home, realistically, you’ll want to get a smaller tank of roughly 500–1,000 litres. A plastic rainwater tank makes sense for this size, so you’ll want to put it on your backyard or somewhere discreet. Plastic tanks are not known to overheat and are UV ray–proof, but a little vegetation won’t hurt your chances.

Attach DIY hanging gardens on the front and the side of the water tank (if attached to your wall) so your stored water gets a little extra protection from the sun, getting your plants an extra bit of sunlight as well. You could plant flowers, herbs and even succulents to add a bit more green to your yard. An upgrade to this would be an attached greenhouse into which you connect your rainwater tank to the sprinkler system there.

Turn unused under deck space into water tank space

Ever heard of under deck rainwater tanks? There’s so much space under your decks, it’s just begging to have a water tank built beneath it. Under deck tanks are literally hidden from prying eyes and won’t affect your exterior aesthetic at all. Plus, under deck tanks can store more rainwater than smaller exterior tanks.

Get even more creative with more paints

Turn this into a bonding project with your young ones and paint a mural on/over your rainwater tank. It showcases your creative side as well and you could go crazy with lots of colour combinations (not that crazy). Minimalists beware!

Smooth and streamlined with slimline tanks

Not all exterior tanks are made equal, which is why slimline rainwater tanks exist. Made from galvanised steel or poly plastic materials, slimline tanks are designed to look as futuristic as they sound and work. They are the way of the future for home rainwater storage with how they can be integrated with the lines that make up your house’s exterior, practically turning them invisible.

Or why hide it at all?

Rainwater tanks give off a utilitarian and self-sufficient aesthete—with the right designs and materials, of course. It shows your neighbours how you care for the environment . . . and how much you’re saving yourself from municipal water fees.

There’s a lot to get from getting a rainwater tank. Although you’ll have to carefully plan how you integrate this to your house and yard, consulting with a water tank supplier and service will help you transport, install and maintain your home’s general look.