Rain Water Tanks Direct supply a large range of rainwater tanks for the Queensland and Brisbane market to suit most rainwater harvesting needs .Whether you need a large rural water tank for your drinking supply to beat the drought or just want to beat the strict water restrictions and water your prize winning garden, or just wash your clothes and flush your toilets, Rainwater tanks direct can supply you with the right rainwater tank for your personal requirements.

When you choose a rural rain water tank in QLD , you may want to consider a few things before you make your purchase. If you require a rainwater storage tank with a large storage capacity over 30,000 litres, it will be in most cases more cost effective to buy several smaller tanks than one large one. You can quite often buy two or three smaller tanks to get a larger storage capacity for the same price or slightly more than buying a single large one. There are several advantages of buying several smaller tanks with the main ones being if you have any problems with one of the rainwater tanks you can decommission it to work on without compromising the usage of the others and the cost per litre of stored rainwater is less.

When you get over the 30,000 litre size water tank the cost of rainwater tanks increase dramatically. This is due to the increase in transport costs. For example most rainwater tank suppliers can deliver up to four 24,500 litre tanks in one load. This means the transport costs are shared by the four tanks, but once you get tanks over 30,000 litres it’s a different story. Road transport authorities in some states will not allow rainwater tanks over 30,000 litres to be delivered with other rain tanks on the same truck, they are such a large load that they require special support vehicles to lead and follow the transport truck which itself adds allot to the costs of delivering the rainwater tank. Consequently it is more cost-effective to buy a number of smaller rain water tanks to make up your required rainwater storage amount.

We supply rainwater tanks from most of the major manufactures available for delivery to most areas of QLD. Some of the top brands are National Poly Industries and Clark Tanks. We can supply a large range of rainwater tanks in Queensland from small urban water tanks for the Brisbane urban market to large rural water tanks from 10,000 litres to 45,000 litres for the rural farming community in Queensland. We also do a range of slim line rainwater tanks and underground rainwater tanks for delivery in QLD and Brisbane.

Other brands of rainwater tanks in QLD we supply are Poly Water Tanks, SUPATANK and Tanks Direct. We supply a large range of smaller rainwater tanks from traditional round ones to stylish slimline rainwater tanks. There are many colours to choose from and in most cases can be delivered in 1 to 3 weeks. Rainwater tanks in Queensland and Brisbane are in hot demand at the moment due to the drought and shrinking dam levels, not to mention strict water restrictions imposed by local authorities.

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