Having water problems can be one of the most frustrating things in life, which is why many people over the years have resorted to collecting rainwater and storing it in a tank. This storage method is one of the most affordable and convenient means of gaining a supplemental water supply for domestic or commercial purposes.

There are several types of tanks that can be used for this storage purpose, some of which include slimline tanks, round tanks, under deck tanks, underground tanks and bladder tanks. All these varieties serve a similar storage purpose but may be suitable for different locations, applications and people. All of them have different features, benefits and particular uses.

Slimline tanks are now common, especially in urban areas where the need for relatively small capacities meets the need for water tanks that take up as little space as possible. The tanks are designed to fit into any small and limited storage place. There are different kinds of slimline tanks. They are made by different companies and come in different shapes, colours and sizes. Prices vary, based on these factors. A SuperSlim slimline rain water tank is a popular tank. It has a capacity of 1000 litres, which is impressive for its size. With a width of 380mm, a length of 2020mm and a height of 1750mm, the tank is available for free delivery to metro areas from some retailers, and is one of the slimmest 1000 litre tanks on the market.

The brand and size of slimline tank you will wish to buy depends on your needs. Polyethylene slimlines are available in capacities of up to 5000 litres. They are usually the most affordable slimline tank, and are widely available, especially to urban areas. Polyethylene tanks are available in a range of colours so you can match the tank to your home.

Galvanised and stainless steel slimlines are a little harder to find, and they are quite a bit more expensive. They have particular benefits apart from their pleasing appearance. Steel slimlines, because of the thinness of their walls in comparison to a polyethylene tank, are capable of providing more capacity than a poly tank when they are both the same dimensions. This can be a great help to many people who are interested in slimline tanks – as they may have a very specific sized space available for the tank, as well as a need for a certain capacity of water. Steel tanks are available in prefabricated sizes, as well as custom ones. Like most tanks, they are usually made to order.

Apart from the mostly affordable price of rainwater tanks, there are still other benefits of slimline rain water tanks. One of these is the fact that they help you contribute to the effort to preserve and improve the natural environment. In the long run they also help users save more money by reducing their water bill. They also provide a convenient back up and supplementary water source, which is especially important when water is scarce.