Water is important in our daily lives, we consume water from time to time either its for potable purposes or non-potable purposes. Water was abundant before because of our water source such as lakes, rivers , streams and the likes that can still provide enough water to everyone but now, some of our water sources are on the verge of running out of water because of the climate change and also it becomes dirty because of humans’ irresponsibility for that reason it is now dangerous to be used as a water source. In fact, the water from our mains comes from the mentioned water sources above that’s why having problems with our water sources means a complication in accessing a good water supply. Water shortages from different countries leads to promoting an alternative water supply such as using rainwater. It is imply collecting and storing rain from a water catchment like a roof surface , this process is called rainwater harvesting. Water tanks play an important role in rainwater harvesting because it is needed to store and maintain the collected rainwater for future use. Knowing the fact that your water tank is responsible in storing rainwater then it is important to maintain 

What happens if your Rainwater tank has no maintenance?

Breeding of Mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes breeds in stagnant, standing clean water that’s why rainwater tank is a great potential for mosquitoes since its main function is to store the collected rainwater from a roof surface and the water stays inside unless it is time to be consume. As we all know, mosquitoes are dangerous especially if it its a dengue carrier mosquito. Do you want to know how serious dengue is? Half a million of people go to the hospital for the reason of having dengue. For fortunate ones, they can recover after a week but others experience dengue in severe way by having dengue hemorrhagic fever that cause your organ to be damage, internal bleeding, dehydration, or the worst case scenario of having dengue is death. Then therefore, as a rainwater tank owner you have the responsibility to make sure that your water tank is secured enough from breeding of mosquitoes. 

Algae Growth

Algae bloom out of nowhere but water is its main sanctuary then knowing the fact that your water tank holds volume of water inside then there is a tendency that algae will grow there. Growth of algae can be harmful too especially if you use your collected rainwater tank for human intake like for drinking or for cooking. If algae is not eliminated from your tank then expect that the water quality of your rainwater is already affected with the algae. It affects in a way that it contaminates the water by its toxins or any harmful qualities of algae for this reason the stored water will be wasted because its not healthy anymore to be used so instead of having a water to sustain your daily water needs what you have now is unusable water that needs to be dispose.

Sludge Build-up 

What is sludge? Sludge is a mixture of liquid and solid components which is a mud that is thick, soft and wet. Sludge build up in your water tank happens because of the debris and sediments that is left behind once the water in your water is pump out during depositing. As this continue for many times this will lead to sludge that fills up the bottom of your water tank. If sludge continues to build up in your tank then it will cause a lot of problems. Sludge can be a leading ground for breeding of harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness. As we all know bacteria is dangerous and when it mixes to the water then there is a tendency that you can intake the bacteria too especially if it is used for drinking. Which is not a good news for your family because you are expecting to have a healthy water supply but because of the sludge build up that causes breeding of bacteria your water supply now is harmful to be used. 

How to maintain your rainwater tank?

Daily checking each components of your rainwater harvesting such as the roof, pipes, gutters, downspout, inlets, water tanks, water pumps and the likes if there are damages so action will be taken earlier to avoid worst complications. Daily cleaning is one way of maintaining so components will have additional life span. Upon setting, there should be filters for rainwater harvesting for safe and clean water in your water tank.

Overall, maintenance of your water tank is a must in order for it to be used in the long run at the same, in maintaining your tank, you can make sure that your tank water is healthy to use instead of leading it to waste. If you purchase water tank don’t hesitate to give us a call. Rainwater Tank Direct can offer you variety of water tank selection that can surely give you the satisfaction.