Steel rainwater tanks are great options to store collected rainwater in larger properties such as farms and homesteads. As water supplies may be scant in rural areas, steel tanks provide an inexpensive, long-lasting, recyclable vessel for collecting a renewable water resource in rainwater. Though standard rainwater collection systems are connected to the rainwater tanks with a simple conveyance system (roof to gutter to pipework, etc.), other made-to-order tanks of the same capacity can be constructed without covers (except for simple screens) to collect and store rainwater directly as a greywater source.

There are many uses for steel water tanks in rural areas, including rainwater harvesting, well water storage, fire protection, stock watering, and irrigation. They come in all capacities and shapes, from round to oblong, and can be lined with different materials, depending on the use for the tank. Some suppliers provide a wide assortment of sizes and shapes, while others specialize in certain shapes and build tanks to order.

Livestock watering and irrigation

Steel tanks available from home improvement stores and agricultural suppliers tend to be tanks made of galvanized steel suitable for livestock watering and irrigation. Some of these tanks are built about 60 cm high to allow cattle to be able to drink easily. An open-top steel rainwater tank may be made to water plants for smaller gardens with simple materials such as a bulkhead fitting and manifold, a faucet, and a hose. One common size for larger tanks is about 60 cm high by 60 cm wide by 182 cm long. For smaller properties, this will hold about 700 litres of water.

Large water storage

In bushfire-prone areas, farms and homesteads may want a large storage tank to protect barns, homes, and other buildings from the ravages of fire. These large tanks are made of corrugated galvanized steel and are typically round and unlined (by epoxy or similar coating), which can be used for irrigation, firefighting, rainwater harvesting, well water storage, etc. Steel rainwater tanks are known for their durability, and many suppliers offer 10- or 20-year warranties to cover for maintenance and repair work for these tanks.

The galvanized coating on the steel will not crack in below-freezing conditions and resists deterioration from harmful UV rays. Some of these steel tanks do not have a top so rainwater may be collected directly with mesh screens covering them to protect the water from leaves and other debris. These tanks can be purchased from a number of different suppliers, including made-to-order tanks, and tanks that can hold up to 300,000 litres of water for high-volume water usage.

Stainless Steel

Tanks made of stainless steel are typically intended to store drinking water. They have roofs and bottoms so they can be placed on a bed of crushed rock or concrete. Some suppliers like Rainwater Tanks Direct in Australia also offer this kind of tank and has filtration and purification systems to be integrated with the tank. Rainwater Tanks Direct also offers a stainless steel tank in various sizes, and their line is approved to store potable water.

A large number of companies around the world provide steel rainwater tanks designed to serve customers in rural areas. The internet has a huge listing of such suppliers in the rainwater tanks business. They will help you select one to suit your needs. Though many suppliers have representations of the tanks on the internet, most invite you to call them for a price on an individual tank.