Why Remodel a Bathroom to Include Water Tank Connection and Other Additions


There’s no doubt that in most cases, when it’s time for a home improvement project to be done, the first room that’s remodeled is the bathroom. The advantages of updating a bathroom are many, regardless if you will be staying in that house for a long time, or are looking to put up the house for sale someday.

But despite these many advantages to bathroom remodeling, many are still scared of taking that leap of faith. After all, the cost of a bathroom remodel can be quite high, even if you have a smaller bathroom. But once the project is finished, you can be sure of experiencing all of the benefits highlighted below.

Your House Tends to Become More In-Demand

Considering that both bathroom and kitchen are rooms most often remodeled, a homebuyer will obviously tend to check these rooms first. Things they will check in the bathroom are water pressure, the space around toilets, lighting and any natural sunlight that gets through during mornings. If potential homebuyers aren’t impressed with what they see, you cannot expect your home to be sold sooner.

If you’re expected to live in that house for some time, you will want to give the bathroom a personal touch. Remember that this room is the only one you step into each day aside from your master bedroom, so it should look and feel as comfy as the master bedroom. To ensure this, make sure of using your creative side. Don’t hold back.

Bathroom Remodeling Might Increase Your House’s Value

There are a number of things that might increase the value of a home, with a remodeled bathroom being one of them. Unfortunately, updating this part of the home doesn’t always lead to a significant increase of the value of the house—many remodels in 2013 recouped only 54 to 65 percent of total value. That said, you will want to maximise ROI or return on investment you will be getting, and to ensure that, you need to invest in materials that justify the desired design outcome for your bathroom.

Improve Your House’s Storage or Decreases Clutter

Another major benefit of upgrading the bathroom is all the additional space you can get as a result. With additional space comes the option to add more or move in storage containers and cabinets, which can help in the decluttering of the house. Let’s not forget the possibility of placing the washing machine and dryer inside the bathroom, as well as the possibility of moving toiletries in there.

Make The Home More Energy Efficient

Experts have estimated that if even one out of ten homeowners chose to include energy- and water-efficient fixtures in their bathroom upgrades, trillions of litres of water and several billions worth of energy can be saved each year. So if you’re thinking of upgrading your bathroom anytime soon, make sure to take into consideration that energy-efficient water heater you’ve always wanted to buy and those low-flow taps and shower heads you’ve always wanted set up in your home and connected to a large rainwater tank.