Anywhere you go around the world, water is always there. From oceans, rivers, streams and likes. These are called water bodies, some of these are use as a water resource to have a water supply for everyone who needs it. As we all know, water is really important not only for humans, but also for all the living organisms on this earth. It is a must have for every houses or buildings to have a reliable water supplier since water is used for daily routines. Whether you are living in urban or rural you can get your own water supply to provide you water for simple water activities like cleaning, bathing, toilet flushing etc. 

When it comes to water supplier, the usual choice is to connect from a public water supply. But the demand of water is getting higher, oppositely the water resource gets even lower which leads to water scarcity. For this matter, other water resources is being introduced like rainwater harvesting. Either you choose to connect to the public water supplier or using rainwater harvesting system to supply you water within your house is a both good idea. Yet, in order for you to have a clear and reasonable verdict into which fits for your needs. It is better to know the comparison between the two. Learn more of these two water source by the information given below.


To have a connection to the public water supply which includes installation, pressure testing and fitting of meter , there is a need of a qualified contractor to process all of this while the expenses is carried out by the user. Upon installing a connection into your house the materials needed are water meter box and water meter. This two devices go together since water meter is put inside the water meter box. This will serve as the device that will measure the usage of water. On the other hand, upon setting up rainwater harvesting in your home all you need is roof surface (or any other catchment area in your house), gutter, pipes, and a water tank. Having water tank is vital in rainwater harvesting since this will be the one that will hold your collected rainwater in order for you to use it for any water consumption in your house. In addition, to maximize water supply in your house you can set up rainwater tank with main switch device, with this device you can both use rainwater from your tank and your public water supply however installing both water source is a little expensive in your side but you can benefit from it in the long run. 


Both public water supply and rainwater harvesting can be applied to any water consumption in your house.  The water applications of the two, both water resource can be used for non-potable and potable purposes. However, if you want to use rainwater harvesting for potable purposes , always make sure that you include filtration system upon installing your water tank to make sure that the rainwater is safe to use. Contamination can be there always, especially if there is no proper care taken for the water tank. 

Water Bills

As we all know, if you are connected to a public water supply it is expected that you will be paying water bills. The more water being consumed by you the more expensive your water bills every month. On the contrary, after you are done installing your water tank in your home, you are free now with any water bills because the water stored in your water tank is coming from the rain fall of your roof surface. Since rain is free, no company owns rain therefore, you don’t need to pay water bills every month ,instead you get a free water supply in your home which is way more convenient for you.


It is important to daily check your water meters and always be observant of any problems with your public water supply connection to avoid excessive water use due damaged pipe. For situation like this , you should report this so it will be fixed before it cause you so much pain in your head due to high water bill payment. On the other hand, always make sure that every component of rainwater harvesting are still in good condition like water tanks. Always make sure that your water tank have no leaks or damage because this will cause disruption to the process of collecting rainwater at the same time your rainwater will have high potential for contamination. 

Water is essential for daily basis, from outdoor water needs to indoor water needs. That’s why it is important to have a good water source in your house so you can perform daily activities with no complications. Either you depend on public water supply or rainwater harvesting, the important thing there is, you are responsible of your own water consumption. Rainwater tank direct are best seller when it comes to water tanks. Don’t hesitate to contact us here, we can assure you a high quality and reliable water tanks regardless of the type, size or color you choose.