What’s Trending for Master Baths Supported by Water Tanks


These days, basic tubs, basic showers, and basic toilets are no longer the first things that come to mind when the need to remodel a master bathroom arises. Instead, it is cutting-edge options, particularly toilets capable of cleaning themselves, rainfall shower head, dual showers, and bathtubs that have mist dispensers built into them, that are more sought after. Why is this so? To learn more about these amazing products and why they are sought after nowadays, read on.

Self-Cleaning Toilets

In 2018, a study revealed that more than a thousand homeowners either have had their master bathrooms remodeled within the year, are working towards a remodel, or are planning a remodel within the next quarter. A good number of these more than a thousand homeowners had selected or are selecting toilets which remove the need for scrubbing the bowl, also known as self-cleaning toilets. These are smart machines which employ numerous technologies that keep all dirt and residue out of the bowl so that scrubbing can be skipped.

Another group of homeowners who have opted for a toilet upgrade have selected single-piece toilets instead. Single-piece toilets do not have seams between seat and tank, and for this reason it is said that these possess “one less place where germs and soil can hide.”

The same study has shown that one out of five house owners who have chosen to upgrade the toilet as part of a master bathroom remodeling have selected two-flush toilets. These types of toilets have two handles or buttons which flush varied amounts of water. One flush can take solids down, while another flush can take liquids down.

There is a notable percentage of homeowners who have chosen toilets seats that have either a heating element or a bidet function. Both features have become more popular since 2017.

Rainfall Shower Head and Dual Showers

Many homeowners who have made the decision to have their master bathrooms remodeled have decided to make a shower upgrade a part of it. And the same study has shown that among these homeowners, the most popular shower head upgrade is the rainfall shower head. This type of shower head usually is larger compared to the typical shower head, and it usually is flat overhead, not angled downward.

Dual showers, a feature that allows two individuals to shower together, are, according to the study, becoming more popular as well. And together with this rising trend is the increasing popularity of larger master bathroom showers.

Soaking Tubs and Other Upgrades to the Plain Bathtub

The same research has highlighted that soaking tubs are the most popular bathtub upgrade among homeowners who have chosen to have bathtub upgrades. Other bathtub upgrades chosen are tubs good for two, whirlpool jets (both nonsilent and silent types), tubs with lighting, tubs with heated backrests, and tubs with mist dispensers.

Which of the Upgrades Above are You Most Interested In?

All of the upgrades above do offer significant improvements to the bathroom experience. But if you’re looking to get the most out of them, they need to be plumbed to be connected to a large rainwater tank. This way, you save water as you change the way you bathe or shower.