Are you interested in planting fruits, vegetables, flowers and likes? If yes, then a modern greenhouse is suited for you. Greenhouses are basically a glass-enclosed frame structured used for growing plants of your choice. Plants inside the greenhouses are exposed to natural light for a day. The structure of a Greenhouse can be made of aluminum , galvanized steel, wood or plastic. Planting can give you a lot of benefits aside from giving you your own food supply for your own home or you can gain profit by selling it. There are things to consider in building your greenhouse. 


Upon thinking of building a greenhouse within your lot. Have you think of what kind of plants you want to plant there? There are different kinds of plants you can plant. If you are building a greenhouse to provide food for your own home then you can grow fruits and vegetables that matches up your usual recipe for your own family. On the other hand, if you are interested with flower garden then you can plant different types of flowers in your greenhouse for whatever purpose you want like to beautify your own landscape with your grown flowers. Furthermore, greenhouses can help you to make money, by selling the plants you have there, either to your neighborhood or to a local market. 


After you know what plants you want to plant there, then you will know the needed size for your greenhouse, but if you want more plants to grow there, then make it as large as you want, as long as there are enough space in your lot ,at the same time , you have the budget in constructing it. 


Before starting the construction of your greenhouse, you need to find the right location. It must be located to a place wherein there is a lot of sun exposure considering the landscape of your property. You also need to decide whether it will be separated to your house or it will be attached.


The materials for the structure of a greenhouses are plastic, wood, and aluminum.For creative-wise greenhouse ,you can option for wood since you can put accessories like shelves, hooks, hanging bars, light fixtures and any other ideas you can think of,and also it is also good for not consuming extra heat than compared to aluminum. Aluminum material is not that bad all because of its durability but not friendly to environment while plastic on the other hand is not for a long term greenhouses. In addition, the traditional glazing material that has been used is glass because it is long-lasting, not that expensive, and looks appealing, and since glass have a high risk of breaking, then having twin-wall polycarbonate can be a good option for you. 

Water System

To achieve a healthy food production , the availability of water is vital since it is necessary for the plant to grow healthy. For places in which water is plenty , they tend to use municipal water supply for irrigation of the planted plants however , water shortage is common now a days to different areas due to climate change that affects the accessibility to a water supply. Rainwater has been proven that it is good for plants ,and aside from that it is not own by anyone instead you can get it for free . Rainwater harvesting is simply collecting and storing rainwater for later use. Making use of rain is environmental friendly since rainwater is good for the environment. Setting up rainwater harvesting includes roofs, gutters, downspout, pipes, pumps and water tank. You need to purchase a water tank because the collected rainwater is supposed to be gathered together in order to make use of it for any water needs. . You Also need to consider to calculate the rainwater you are expected to get by the area of your roof and the annual rainfall in your area with this you would be able to know the right size for you. But, If you are building a large greenhouse with a lot of plants to grow there ,then you are supposed to have a large water tank because the more water capacity of a tank then the more water you have that you can use in watering your greenhouse plants. Rainwater harvesting can benefit good effect for both the plants and the environment. 

Greenhouse is commonly known as a place wherein natural light comes through that helps the plant inside to get enough sun exposure. Yet, if you are opting to build a greenhouse in your property there are a lot to consider which is listed above however, the mentioned above is just a guide for you and also there might be other things you need to consider aside from the listed above , all you need to do is to have more research about it by going through the internet.