white concrete water tank on roof

If you are looking for a solution for storing drinking water or harvesting rainwater or stormwater or looking for something that can manage your sewage system, then a solid, long-lasting concrete water reservoir in your property is your best option.

What is a concrete water tank?

A concrete water tank or reservoir is a traditional water storage system constructed from strong and long-lasting material—that is, concrete. In today’s period of everything manufactured from plastic, installing a concrete water tank is a great investment. When you build a concrete tank in/on your property, you won’t have to think about the water’s ideal temperature. Basically, what you have stored in your tank can be considered as spring water, which is the safest water to drink.

Compared to modern plastic tanks, traditional concrete water tanks are beneficial in several ways. Let’s find out why a concrete tank is an answer to you and your needs.

Why should I install a concrete water tank in my property?

Although water tanks come in many shapes and materials, concrete water tanks are found to be one of the most popular for the following reasons:

  • Super affordable

Concrete is one of the most efficient and one of the cheapest building materials used in the Commonwealth. Concrete has a large supply all over the world, making it highly cost-effective. When compared to water tanks made from other materials such as polypropylene, steel and others, concrete is more economical in terms of construction and maintenance.

  • Maintains hygiene

If maintained properly, concrete can keep your stored water safe from several contaminants, bacteria and pathogens. Concrete can also keep water cooler throughout the entire year as the material itself is a poor conductor of heat. Plus it also helps keep water molecules intact. Installing a concrete water tank in your property means you are keeping your water free form any sort of algae or other bacterial development too. Therefore, your family stays safe and protected by drinking natural safe water.

  • Highly durable

One of the major reasons why concrete tanks are implanted in offices and plants is because they are highly durable. Concrete tanks need very minimal maintenance and can last up to 50 years. Alternative tank systems available in the market need to be repaired and have strict maintenance cycles, which means a lot of money is invested for their maintenance.

  • Customized designed

Since concrete can be moulded in any shape you want to, concrete water tanks can be customized in the design that you prefer. If you are building one for your house, you can design the tank in different shapes and patterns to match your house’s aesthetics or hide the tank from plain view. Further, these tanks can be built below, above or even partially submerged in the ground. Therefore, you can install them in any size of property you want. Some personalized water tanks include one with a steel-structured framework, one specialised for rainwater collection, built with robust shutters, one with mechanical bolts and so on. If you build your tank from a professional personal water tank solution company, you will get several options to choose from.

  • Better taste

Did you know that concrete water tanks can change the taste of your water? As no plastic is involved in its construction, you will find no odour, bitterness or acidity in the taste of the water.

That said, the best water reservoir you can invest in right now is a concrete water tank. However, make sure to do your research and find a contractor that are experts in all things water tanks, especially concrete ones. It’s time to install a concrete water tank at your property now!