Poly rainwater tanks are fast becoming the most popular rainwater tank sold in Australia today. The popular shift towards poly rainwater tanks has been due to several contributing factors. The main reasons for the increased popularity for the poly rainwater tank are their resistance to corrosion, speedy production times and long life. Because of the high demand for poly rainwater tanks, a string of rotational moulding companies have sprung up all over Australia to cope with the massive demand from the urban poly tank market.

What are poly rainwater tanks used for mainly?
Poly rainwater tanks are essentially used to store potable water and are highly utilized in the rural and urban markets.

How are poly rainwater tanks made?
Most Poly rainwater tanks are made using the rotational molding process or the less common plastic welding process. Poly tank welding is a process in which two pieces of heat-softened poly are joined through the application of pressure. Examples of this process are hot air and extrusion welding.

What sizes do poly rainwater tanks come in, and what shapes are available?
Poly rainwater tanks differ in size and capacity, ranging from small tanks holding a one hundred litres to poly water tanks greater than 45,000 litres.

What sort of plastics are used to make a poly water tank?
Rainwater tanks used for storage water are made from a wide variety of poly chemicals. Poly is the abbreviation for Polyethylene (PE), a light, chemically- resistant thermopoly, is the most commonly used poly resin. Polyethylene resins include linear high density (HDLPE), cross-linked high density (XLPE) and linear low density (LLDPE) resins.

What is the advantage of a poly tank compared to say steel tanks?
Poly rainwater tanks have several advantages over the traditional steel water tanks. Their seamless construction provides them with greater impact strength and superior resistance to corrosion. These virtually indestructible water tanks have a longer lifespan than steel tanks, which can rust through and leak. Poly rainwater tanks are fast and easily produced. Poly rainwater tanks also cost less overall than steel tanks.

Poly rainwater tanks are the most conventional, economical, most widely chosen water tank bought these days.

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