Our negligence towards water conservation and the resultant scarcity in many regions around the world has resulted in the designing of water treatment systems for reuse of waste water or surface run off water during the rainy season. Today, societies all over the world are giving recycling and conservation of water a serious thought and rightly so! Water treatment systems are readily available within a specific market segment and manufactured by professional engineers dedicated to recycling and supplying water.

The precious resource – water, which makes the planet unique and able to sustain life is also renewable. However, the increasing world population and effect of global warming on the average annual rainfall in many regions around the world have encouraged water experts to organize conferences to discuss and design water treatment systems for recycling water. Modern day water treatment systems are readily available, even for the amateur, and come with good after sales service. Water treatment systems work as recycling units that source and treat rinse water from homes and industrial units.


The recycled or treated water is then reused for the same or allied purpose and thus conserved in volume. The water treatment systems comprise of storage tanks and a piping system on either side of the facility. The piping on one side sources the water to be treated and diverts it into the storage facility. The other side is fitted with diversion-pipes to retrace the water to the faucets. The treatment systems are fitted with filtration units within that comprise of various stages and techniques. The water naturally contains contaminants from natural and man-made sources. It needs to be treated for gases, bacteria and chemicals before being used again.


A waste water treatment system installed by Taylex

The water treatment systems are offered with customizable treatment options depending on the source of the water. The treatment offered is regulated, to ensure the safety of the water for reuse. Although the water may not be recycled for consumption or cooking as the chemicals and other contaminants could affect clothes and utensils washed or even the car, it may be perfectly suitable for keeping the garden green and growing. Some water treatment systems deal with water problems such as hardness or corrosiveness that make the water unhealthy. The manufacturers of the water treatment systems take responsibility for testing and treating the water prior to fitting the system with any one or multiple treatment systems.

The professionals who design the techniques work within state-certified laboratories and first analyze the contaminants that are present in the water to be treated and reused and assess the extent of damage possible with the contaminants present. The water treatment systems are developed according to the terrain and source specific water quality problems. The systems are unique and address certain specific water problems.

The treatment or conditioning of rinse water is adopted to put the water to similar use again and the improved water quality gives the end user a chance to recycle the water and contribute to global water savings. The various treatment and conditioning methods sued in the water treatment systems include filtration for mechanical contaminants or sediments, activated carbon filtration technique and that of oxidation, neutralization, reverse osmosis and distillation among a variety of other options.

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