Water Tank with Backflow Prevention Device at Home

Rainwater harvesting is about collecting and storing rainwater that flows from a catchment area, and this is why a storage like a rainwater tank is needed. In a simpler manner, the rainwater tank is known to be the storage of the water from rainwater harvesting as well as the water source that provides water to your houses. There is a need of pump in plumbing your rainwater tank in order for the water to be distributed to your faucets, showers, toilets, bathtubs etc. Some houses make both tank water and mains as their water source that’s why in this instance a device that could switch from rainwater tank to main or the other way around is needed. This device is intended to switch your water source from your main when your rainwater is dry out. Though having this device is a little convenient yet there is a possibility of back-flow.

Backflow is when the flow of water is not normal anymore because it flows to the opposite direction instead of the designated direction. In other words, backflow is an instance where water flows back to your main water supply pipes, and when this happens, contaminants can get into and pollute your water source. Water source getting contaminated in this manner is known as back siphonage. To expound, it is the flowing back of contaminated water due to counter pressure in the pipe depending on to where the water comes from. Water flows back to your mains when your main pressure is lesser than the water pressure in your property or the pressure from your main water supply gets low.

Upon installing a rainwater tank, regardless of whether it is a slimline tank or any other water tank for sale out in the market, you should also consider the installation of a backflow prevention device to help solve the problem of flowing back of water into a pipe that can contaminate your water. In simple term, backflow prevention devices stop the water from flowing the other way around. Available devices for backflow prevention includes a valve, an air gap, and a break tank.

A valve allows water to flow in one direction only similarly an air gap doesn’t allow the water to flow back from where it is directed like for example when the water from a water tank flows out in a tap into a sink but not the other way around. On top of that, a break tank assures that there is no backflow into the system since its a pressure-less and closed water tank. In addition, the installation of this device needs to be handled by an expert in the field of plumbing.

Moreover, there are many causes of water contamination and backflow is one of it. Contaminated water is dangerous because of its harmful effects it brings to whoever uses it especially If the water is intended for a human intake like drinking and cooking. Aside from that, it can make your water go to waste instead of supporting you in your day to day water needs. To have a good quality water you need to make sure that your water is properly maintained and install devices that keep your water to be safely used for your home water needs.