The recycling of water has become an absolute necessity today. While overuse of the precious resource is reported in some regions of the world, scarcity is on record in others. This has made it necessary not only to address the harvesting of rain water, but also the recycling of grey water. Grey water is called so because of its cloudy appearance and is basically rinse water from homes. Rinse water refers to water from the laundry, wash basins and bath. Grey water is rinse water not only from homes, but also from certain identified sources in offices and industrial units.

The use of grey water depends on the source and the analyzed contaminants of the grey water sample, in a laboratory. Today, grey water is being reused or recycled wisely in many parts of the world. Even thought the water cannot be used for consumption or while cooking, it does serve the purpose of maintaining a green garden or vegetable patch during the hot dry summer months and getting the car washed thoroughly in the garage. There are special grey water treatment and recycling units available within a dedicated market.

The use of grey water is instant because the water already contains contaminants and even after treatment there is a possibility of the stagnant grey water becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and giving out a bad odor. The grey water is sourced and routed immediately. The use of grey water has made it possible for many people living in the dry regions to deal with drought conditions and water restrictions effectively. The recycling grey water treatment systems comprise simple components and a simple design.

The water is sourced, treated and reused simultaneously. The use of grey water is possible only post treatment and the treatment options are based on the identified contaminants within the water samples. The analysis of grey water is conducted by engineers prior to the installation. The water is currently being successfully reused for watering saturated soils and even construction. The sourcing and distribution of grey water is monitored by civic authorities. The grey water reuse systems are engineered by professionals. They vary in price according to the number of outlets required for routing the treated water and pumping in and the volume of the grey water at a time.

The grey water treatment systems are different for domestic and industrial units, depending on capacity and treatment required. The reuse of grey water is being considered by many home owners around the world. The designs of the units are based on the mechanics and configuration of the specific technique that needs to be in place for a particular fitting. The grey water treatment system that helps to use grey water is an opportunity to contribute to a larger cause and global awareness to the water scarcity problem and solution. The use of grey water enables you to benefit from reusable wastewater from the house. The grey water treated and used is monitored for quality by the local councils and guarantee family health.

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