Under Deck Water Tank for your Deck Kitchen

Building decks to improve your outdoor living spaces is an amazing idea. After all, decks are not only for your sit-back-and-relax moments, they also add beauty to your homes.

With decks, you can host small gatherings outdoors under the moon or sun. To make the most out of this amazing home addition, you should, of course, set up furniture, food, and drinks there.

Aside from that, you need to design your deck to make it more appealing and cozy. You can design the deck in such a way that it will complement the style of your house. Decorations that allow you to achieve a more welcoming look for guests or even for yourself can be placed. You can also have an outdoor living room or kitchen built onto your deck.

If you are opting for an outdoor kitchen on your deck, then there are things you need to consider: First is to know the weight that your deck can handle so you will know the right appliances top buy. You should also consider the needed utilities for your kitchen like plumbing, electricity gas line, and water line. It is advisable to have it underneath your deck.

We all know water is very important in the kitchen. Water is needed from preparing dishes to cleaning up crockery and utensils. There’s no wall on your deck which means your kitchen will be prone to dust and pollens so it is important to clean your kitchen area daily.

You can set up a network of water pipes leading to the deck kitchen, but since this will just add to your already-expensive water bill each month, this might prove to be inconvenient. Fortunately, there is an alternative—you can consider installing a rainwater tank and connect it to your plumbing. Rainwater tanks are built capable of storing clean water for future use.

You can also save water with your rainwater tank because you can use it as water storage for rainwater during rainy days. It is less expensive compared to your local water line since you can have a free water source for your deck kitchen by collecting rain. On top of that, under deck water tank is perfect for your deck kitchen because it is designed to be installed under your deck. Keep mind that under deck water tanks should be checked time to time to secure that the connected pipes and pumps are in good condition to avoid conflicts in storing your water and aside from that to avoid wasting water that supposed to be used for your daily water consumption.

Put into account the measurement of your deck and the available space under your deck because it is a great factor if you choosing the right size of your under deck water. Perfectly fit under deck water tank is great for better use of it.