It’s not very important that you have a green thumb in order to be able to grow many fresh vegetables in your balcony or backyard. What’s more important is having spent enough time practicing how to grow vegetables correctly.

Ensuring that you actually get to spend enough time to practice the right way of growing vegetables means raising these easy-to-grow vegetables in your own garden.

  1. Lettuce

What makes lettuce a great vegetable to raise by a beginner of gardening is the fact that it grows quickly, is easy to harvest, and takes only little space. You can even grow a number of them in a number of containers, probably tucked under any tall plants or flowers in those containers. They can still thrive even in shaded areas.

  1. Tomatoes

A highly popular ‘vegetable,’ tomatoes can be grown in hanging baskets or containers that can be placed in areas that get a lot of sun. The best variants to grow as a beginner are smaller tomato variants, like cherry tomatoes.

Plant tomatoes next to basil plants to prevent pests from dropping by and thus ensure that the flavour of tomatoes stays intact. Basil plants are as easy to grow as tomatoes.

  1. Cucumber

Cucumbers love warm temperatures, sunlight, and support for climbing. Once these have been provided, and that the plants are watered regularly, they can grow as fast as weeds do.

  1. Carrots

If a kid in middle school can grow carrot greens from carrot tops, then it should be easy for an adult to grow an entire carrot. A whole carrot can be grown in the ground. However, pay careful attention to their size upon growth, since they may not end up growing as large as the ones in supermarkets, especially if the soil in your area is rocky. To remedy this issue, you need to grow the carrots in deep and well-drained soil in a raised bed.

Carrots can tolerate a bit of shade, but grow best under full sun.

  1. Radishes

Radishes are not just perfect additions to salad. They are also perfect snacks, side dishes, and appetizers. If you want to raise your own radishes, know that it only takes twenty days for them to become fully mature.

Growing your own radishes requires that you plant its large seeds in a container that has a depth of at least six inches. This container can be placed in shade or under the sun, and as long as you keep watering the container before the soil the plants are on dries out, you can expect to harvest crispy and spicy radishes. Sow more as they are needed, and expect to be able to grow lots of radishes throughout the plant’s growing season.

  1. Green beans.

All green bean variants are great for home gardens, but be mindful of the type you plant in your home garden—some beans grow on bushes and others grow on vines. This plant prefers well-drained soil and full sun.

  1. Zucchini

Zucchini can be grown in a container or planted directly into the soil. Like radishes and beans, these grow easily. However, this plant needs good moisture, and prefers warm soil. For this reason, the seeds of this plant need to be sown at a later time in the warm season.

With these seven plants, not only do you ensure your household’s overall health, you also practice your skills in gardening with little to no trouble. Benefit from these plants even further when you set up water tanks from Sydney in your property.