Stainless steel rainwater tanks are not as common a sight as the old corrugated iron or newer steel rainwater tanks or the new poly rainwater tanks, but are fast becoming popular for several key reasons, mainly for corrosion resistance especially around coastal areas, fire resistance and water storage quality as well as strength and durability.

What are the benefits of stainless steel tanks? A stainless steel rainwater tank is not only a stylish alternative to the more popular and cheaper poly rainwater tanks, but it is also still very much a preferred option for certain people when choosing a water tank for storage of potable water around the home.

Why choose a Stainless Steel water tank over Poly? Not only does it come down to the traditional but glamorous visual appeal of stainless steel but tanks made from stainless steel are also chosen due to their amazing strength and stability. Stainless Steel rainwater tanks are renowned for their durability. They do not bulge or stretch when they are full as they can withstand the large forces generated by tonnes of water; they have been in use for many years in the dairy and wine industries, proving that these tanks have incredible longevity. In addition, they will not deteriorate under the Australian sun or in our harsh coastal conditions; making stainless steel water tanks a viable and stylish decision for the modern consumer. For dairy and wine processors they are valued for their ability to store liquids without affecting their inherent qualities.

For the domestic consumer, stainless steel rainwater tanks are less bulky than poly tanks. This is noticeable in slimline poly tanks as they are usually a bit bigger than equivalent steel tanks to hold the same capacity due to the moulding and cross strengthening required taking away from actual capacity. The same applies to round tanks where the flat roof of a steel tank means more water right to the top of the tank compared to the unused air gaps in the rounded roofs of poly tanks. Stainless Steel tanks although traditional in style are often requested to complement the modern streamlined look of new homes.

They are more stylish and match well with other stainless steel building products. For personal service for your rainwater tank call now on 1300 88 94 90 Or Email your inquiry to