The best thing about solar water pumps is that they can be used anywhere where the sun shines. It is in fact offering the most environmental friendly and economical water pumping solutions. Solar water pumps are powered by the solar energy i.e. It actually utilizes the power of the sun in order to operate. In fact solar water pumps offer the most environmental friendly and economical water pumping solutions.

The solar pump consists of a pump which is powered by solar panels which in turn use the renewable energy of the sun to operate properly. In order to operate properly it is important for a solar water pump to have certain parts. The most important component of a solar water pump is the fluid pump that is needed for the movement of fluids under pressure. A controller is required to adjust the speed and power based on the input received from the solar cells. An electric motor is used to function as an engine and photovoltaic cells are used as energy source to be powered by the sun.

The most expensive section of a solar water pump is the solar panel that consists of array of photovoltaic cells. Solar water pumps can be identified as DC or AC pumps. Solar water pumps can be used on large scale water systems such as for irrigation or for supplying drinking water.

Solar water pumps operate with the sun’s energy. They are very environmental friendly and if one has to analyze based on performance then solar water pumps are much more economical than the regular pumps that incorporate internal combustion engine. A regular water pump requires fuel which is generally gas or diesel for operation and this turns out to be quite expensive. For an ordinary farmer it is not feasible to use conventional water pump and hence it is a good idea to invest in a solar water pump.

Another strong point of solar water pump is that they can be installed easily and they are very easy to operate since there is no need to even install a chord to make it work. These pumps do not cause any kind of pollution and satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed. There is also a lot of saving of electricity. Thus, it is a wise decision to use solar water pumps in region that get lot of sunlight.

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