Slimline rain water tanks have become a popular addition to the urban family home, with the ever increasing water restrictions now imposed by local and state governments and the water tank rebates, slim line rainwater tanks are now being installed at a rapid rate providing a boom in the plastics and plumbing industries alike. Now that development rules have changed, all new homes built and in some states renovations, are required to include a rainwater tank in the development application. Many urban home owners are using the slimline rainwater tank as their first choice because of the compact design of the tanks. Slimline tanks come in many shapes and sizes and are available in Poly, Stainless Steel and Steel. Poly slimline rainwater tanks have in the past had mixed results and have suffered from bulging and splitting problems. This problem has been addressed by many of the manufactures, but there are still some cheap imported slimline tanks being sold in Australia that suffer from engineering issues. Although covered under warranty it is a nuisance the consumer can do without. The other issue with some imported Slimline tanks is that they may not be made using a food grade poly. Choosing an Australian Made slimline rainwater tank will ensure you get the very best available. Some of the brands of slimline tank we supply are from Poly Water Tanks, SupaTank,TankMasta and National Poly. All are available in many colours and can be delivered fast to your home. Poly Water Tanks has one of the largest ranges available and boasts a guarantee not to bulge or split. They have many shapes and sizes to choose from and they deliver to NSW, QLD, VIC and SA.

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