Slimline Water Tank

Water tanks have proven their worth by providing rainwater storage for everyday use. Global warming has caused us many problems, and one of them is the lack of water. Especially in countries where water scarcity is a big problem, rainwater harvesting systems have become a solution to this issue by collecting and storing rainwater.

Many people install rainwater tanks in their homes for the many benefits they bring. People are spoiled for choice because there are many storages and rainwater collection system available to the market. Slimline water tanks have become one of the more popular types in recent years for their space-saving features while being able to hold large volumes of water.

What are slimline rainwater tanks?

Slimline rainwater tanks are tanks that can be attached directly to your home, minus the frames and wiring. This means that slimline tanks can be installed directly under your rainwater harvesting system and is ideal for properties where there is little space for installing bigger rainwater tanks such as plastic or steel. However, though not made of steel, slimline tanks are made of good-quality plastic materials that last a long time.

Slimline water tanks, as the name suggests, are also aesthetically pleasing to look at and can go well with your home’s main design features. Available in various sizes and colours, you have enough options to choose from, depending on the design and appearance of your home and the volume of water you plan to store. Slimline tanks are also the best option if you do not have the luxury of space that comes with a larger property.

Why choose slimline rainwater tanks?

One of the main advantages of slimline rainwater tanks is that they can be installed directly on the side of a building, which eliminates the need for underground structures. Depending on the size of the tank, slimline rainwater tanks could hold as much as 6,000 litres and as little as 1,000, although some larger slimline tanks can easily double the maximum amount.

Of course, if you buy a rainwater harvesting system, you will need to consider your carbon footprint, installation and maintenance costs, among other things. Narrow slimline rainwater tanks are simple in design, durable and easy to install. Most of these tanks are made from durable poly plastic materials, which can withstand harsh weather conditions and drastic weather changes. As these tanks are made of food-grade polymers, they can be easily manufactured, installed and repaired.

Easy customisation

The compact and portable nature of slimline rainwater tanks and the many rainwater collection system components available to the market mean there are a lot of customisation options available for these tanks. From distribution hoses to filtration systems and even purification systems so you can use the water for kitchen prep, suppliers can guide you through a variety of accessories so you can make the most of your harvested rainwater. You can even attach a separate tank if you want to collect rainwater for both outdoor and indoor use, thereby greatly reducing your reliance on municipal water and reducing the amount you have to pay for your utility bills.


Since rainwater is a naturally occurring, renewable resource, you are basically living off the land. Rainwater tanks are environment-friendly as the simplest tanks require the fewest moving parts and require minimal maintenance. However, these should be thoroughly cleaned every two to three years to avoid any build-up in the filters and pipes.

As saving water is becoming more and more important these days, now is a great time as any to invest in a slimline rainwater tank. Due to the quality and usability of rainwater tanks, they have been adopted as a standard in many countries. Not only are you relying less on plant-treated water, but you are also conserving much-need drinking water, which has been on a steady decline in line with increasing global temperatures. For homes and smaller properties, slimline rainwater tanks are your best solution.1