As we all know, sanitation and hygiene plays an important key role for a community. A community that have poor sanitation and no proper hygiene might be the cause of the health problems to the residents which will affect the whole community. The key factor for sanitation and proper hygiene is to make sure that all the residents have an access to a healthy water source. Water is used in many ways, it might it be for outdoor water needs or for indoors. That’s why, when there is a lack of water supply in a certain area then there is a higher potential for poor sanitation and poor hygiene. Unfortunately, water crisis has been a big issue in this generation. Water crisis is one of the reason why there are a lot of countries have poor sanitation and poor hygiene. In this case, alternative water supply is a must have for the places that are not lucky enough to have a healthy access to a water source. 

Rainwater harvesting become the popular solution for this kind of problem since rain is for free and collecting water is just an easy job, all you need to do is to set up a water tank in your house together with the other components used for collecting rain. Once you have a water tank installed in your house, and as the rain comes and it will be filled with enough water, you now have water to use for your daily routines yet, purification and filtration of rainwater tank water is important for healthier use. On the other hand, residents are responsible to practice good sanitation and proper hygiene.

Hand washing

Before and after any activities you do, it is important to wash your hands to  remove germs or to prevent the germs from spreading. Daily hand washing can save you from severe illness and expected to be healthier than not doing it. As much as possible, every now and then you should hand wash especially when you are doing heavy work that caused you dirty hands. Make sure that the water you are using is also safe and clean. For areas in which water source is limited, then try to use rainwater as your water source by installing a water tank in your house. 


Part of proper hygiene is taking a bath at least once a day or whenever you feel like you have to. Taking a bath can make you feel fresh and clean aside from that it makes you healthy. Taking a bath is necessary especially when you are about to go outside, who would want to be with you when you look so dirty and you are smelly, of course no one would, that’s why you take a bath in order for you to be presentable enough, and so that you will be confident in going out . 


General house cleaning is also important to make your house neat and clean, in order to have healthy living inside your house. Sweeping the floor and all the dusty places in your home removes the dust in your house that might lead to sinusitis, and a dusty house is not really good especially if you have visitors. No one wants to see thick dust on the edges of your house that is really not a good thing. After removing all the dust, it is important to scrub your floors and walls with water and soap , with this you can make sure that your house is really free from dust, and other dirty things in your house. Rainwater from your tank can be a good help for you, all you need to do is to get a pail and put some water from your tank in it and you are good to go, you can use it in cleaning your house, making it more clean and shiny than before. 

Toilet Flushing

There are two ways for toilet flushing, it’s either you flush manually or automatically. For manual flushing, you need to fill a pail with either a tap water or you can use the water from your tank, afterwards spill it out on the toilet and there you have disposed human waste and your toilet is now good to use again for other user. On the other hand, you can buy a toilet with automatic flush , all you need to do is push the button and a certain amount of water will come out to flush it. When you set up your toilet, you can connect it to your water tank so you will use that water inside it for flushing instead of a public water, in that way you can save water and money since public water is not for free. 

Having a good water source and being responsible enough to practice good sanitation and proper hygiene is the key to have a good healthy living, and at the same time it is good for the community. As for the water source, though water crisis is rampant now a days, using rainwater harvesting with an installed water tank as reservoir can be a good solution since rain can also be a good water source depending unto how it will be used.