The practice of collecting and using rain water off the roof top is no modern day discovery or exercise. People have being doing so all through time; ever since the non availability of the precious resource seeped in, especially during the summer months. The precipitation from a catchments surface can easily be diverted into a storage facility, either natural or man made and used at a alter day and time. Roof top rain water collection is an old technology that is now one more gaining a lot of popularity all over the world.

The concept is referred to as rain water harvesting and is currently the topic on the rostrums of many an awareness program. The roof top rain water collection concept has been around for a while and the system is a simple one. The water off the roof is allowed to be channelized to a storage spot. Here it is filtered and redirected within the home or industrial site. Today, people are actually synchronizing the concept at the lay out stage while building a home. This renaissance of sorts has culminated in the designing and engineering of rain water harvesting apparatus sold as cisterns, tanks and barrels.

The roof top rain water collection acts as a replenishment of the resource and the water can be stored in any man-made facility to create the synthetic recharge system. Rain water harvesting via roof top rain water collection is essential to address and solve the scarcity that homes and commercial facilities face during the summer months. Since the surface water is usually inadequate to meet our demand, this piped water helps maintain lawns, agriculture and even domestic and industrial washing and cleaning.

Today, on account of our dependency on ground water and rapid urbanization, the natural collection of rain water in the sub-soil has decreased considerably. It has become important for everyone around the world, all societies and cultures, to consider conservation of this precious resource by addressing roof top rain water collection and harvesting and designing homes and industrial sites that help in the endeavor. The management of this natural resource by installing an artificially engineered system enables each one to play a part in water conservation.

The storage of rainwater for future use, to recharge ground water demand is best done off the roof. The incline of construction and the downward drain of the water into a storage facility is a simple technique. The storage of rain water on the roof top is traditional and the installation of the supporting underground or surface tanks is not at all a costly affair; in fact it is a one time investment and an heirloom of sorts. The water off the roof could be directed to a pond below or a trench or a tank and the subsequent volume of rain water harvesting will surely surprise you.

The water recharge pits are constructed below and fitted with a filtration facility to keep sediments and debris at bay. The roof top rain water collection is the best way to address the conservation of this very vital natural resource.

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